Why the Western World Has NO Morals


Brian Ruhe interviews internet essayist John Kaminski on why Americans lack morality.  John makes the potent observation that the entire west is without a shred of decency or morals.  The listener must wonder how the most God fearing nation of America is completely immoral yet believes itself to be the most moral.  How can the most modern Christian nation be the most terroristic nation but internally views itself as Godly and innocent?  How can the Bible believers be completely without morals or decency if they believe the Bible to be the words of God?  That is one of the greatest questions of our time.

The answer is so obvious that no one can see it.  Not a handful of the people since the A-braham have even been able to glimpse what is really going on because they live in a false construct of reality.  Like a fish unable to detect water, the Bible apologists can’t see the truth because they are immersed in a judgmental religion.  Everyone is making a grave mistake by assuming the assumptions of Jewish judgment being true.  But is god judgmental, or is the Bible judgmental Jewish propaganda used enslave people in low vibration?

What if the Bible concepts of sin, judgment, hell, devil, eternal punishment are not true but only mental constructs invented by the priestly class to control the population?  What happens to the culture that assumes their job is to get to heaven at any cost, that they must help God win the battle against Satan no matter what?  What becomes of a Judaized culture that decides to wage war on the entire world because they assume the Bible true?  Could it be we are headed toward total nuclear destruction because of our fundamental belief system?






The sad truth is that the west is being controlled by Talmudic Jews.  The reason is because of widespread belief in the Holy Bible.  The Western World exists in a Jewish simulacrum, where all morality has been inverted by the Holy Bible.  The Torah is the inverse of the Sanatan Dharma, so quite naturally those who follow the Jewish holy books are following a religion that has flipped Natural Law on its head.

I am an engineer and mathematician, I would like to write this in equation form.  Natural Laws are the Yogic discoveries of how to live in harmony the Universe, Abrahamic Laws are the inverse of proper loving behavior.  For instance, stoning a person to death for adultery is the exact opposite of the higher vibration of love and acceptance.  All of human evil is caused by judgment or ego consciousness.

The Torah = 1/(Natural Law)

The Talmud = (1/Natural Law)²

Σ(of all evil) = judgmental consciousness










In this fictional simulacrum of the Jew, Christians are taught that a certain German Nationalist, who dared to overturn Jewish rule of Germany in the 1930’s, as the most evil man who ever existed.  Is that true or was Hitler’s soul expressions a threat to Jewish power?  Why was Hitler’s priestess, Savitri Devi, convinced he was an Avatar, an incarnation of Vishnu?  Why was National Socialism the greatest threat to the Jewish takeover of the world?

Is Hitler painted by Jewish propagandists as the most evil man because he had them figured out as the most immoral race?  Was National Socialism the solution to the disastrous Jewish economies of Capitalism and Communism?  Are Jews trying to keep us from having prosperity and harmony because they want to own and rule the entire world for their own selfish ends?  Is the soulution to our current predicament is the freeing of our souls from Bible consciousness and prosecute Jews as histories greatest villains?

Are Jews the most immoral race of people that have conned the world with their holy book?  Is God really battling the devil?  Didn’t God create the devil, isn’t the devil meme being used the religious theorist to explain away evil in the world, when all things are attributes of god?  If God is everything and everywhere then why does it need anything?  Isn’t the Bible construct of God just a false perception of reality?

Most people do not understand that the Bible god and the anti-god Satan are both fictions in a Jewish tale enlisting the readers in their quest of world domination. The Bible readers are told God is all powerful but may lose the battle for earth unless they help.  The Bible instructs that God needs help, god needs witnesses, god needs money, god needs arms, and god needs ABM’s for the inbound missiles aimed at the holy chosen ones because of their aggressive policies.





Once you fully realize that the Bible is a gigantic hoax (just like the Federal Reserve) then you might question which God is the good god. The Bible god is not good because he demands killing. The Bible god is opposed to the life force of the Universe as described by the concepts of Sanatana Dharma. So it is true to say “Satan” is the adversary of Yahwey.  Yahweh is the God of Aggression that opposes Natural Law, the Sanatan Dharma.




Jews and Christians are behaving in accordance with their beliefs.  Jews and their Christians underlings commit immoral acts because both religions are immoral.  Genocide is the way of the Bible, those Christians who believe they are more moral than Jews are only fooling themselves, all Christians have been indoctrinated into thinking like a Jew.  Yahweh demands genocide for non-believers.

Yahweh demands that his people initiate the use of force.  Yahweh demands no other gods.  The intolerance of the Bible infects the minds of the population and results in the most horrific behavior imaginable.  The witch trials were just as bad as today’s wars where Jewish led terrorist groups behead whole villages in Syria.  Bible inspired evil continues unabated throughout the centuries yet no one suggests banning the book as causal.

All Christians believe in the supremacy of the state because all Christians believe god controls our governments and ordains our leaders.   But what happens when the nation is ruled by psychopaths?  America is the most terroristic nation because of its fundamental beliefs, Americans believe they have the god given right to initiate the use of force and that they must obey the authority which is a direct result of the god force.

The question as to why we are so immoral can now be answered, we are immoral because of our Jewish beliefs.  We believe in the Holy Bible, we believe that the stories of Jewish aggression are the ways of God, we believe we have the right to wage war.  The West is immoral because its fundamental beliefs have been formulated in the Jewish mind and the Jews are them most immoral race because they inverted and demonized the Sanatan Dharma.

Are Jews the Controllers of the Earth Simulation?


Many people are wondering if the earth is a simulation and why it was created.  Consider that Jews are running the simulation as a new hypothesis under the broader earth simulation hypothesis.  Imagine that you are in a Jewish soul simulation and all others who do not have the Jewish soul are the unwitting gamers that Jews get to kill.  If you are not Jewish then you are, unfortunately, a self aware meatbag in a bloodthirsty Jew simulation.

This Jewish soul simulation is heaven for Jews and hell for you.  Your only purpose is to serve them as fodder or as slave.  You have no recourse but to knuckle under to their control or commit suicide.  Since they want you to live so you can be abused by them, they use their holy book to condemn self termination.  The Jew wishes to control your life, everything you think, your very perception of reality, the money you use, the house you live in.  Everything including your life.

With this new hypothesis we can now rationally understand why things are the way they are.  Why is the world so corrupt?  Why are the Jews in control?  Why is it that Jews always win the wars?  There is a rational hypothesis for why Jews win – because they are running the simulation, they set the simulation parameters so that they rule and corrupt everything.

Religion also plays a major role in the simulation – religion keeps the Goyim avatars pacified and confused.  Christians believe that Christ will return some day and rescue them from earth treachery.  The Second Coming is an illusion created by the Jew to keep you pacified about your state of bondage to the Jew.  As the meek Christian worker slaves lay up treasure in heaven, the Jew stacks up gold in his bank account.

Jesus, the Jewish Straw Man Worshipped as God

“Jesus never returned to save America, he didn’t and couldn’t because he’s a Jewish created fiction. Americans are unable to deal with the current crisis because the primary myth keeps their minds in a state of suspension.  They are unable to think and grasp their predicament, they cling to their myth of a savior return, more convinced than ever as things get worse.”

Christ is a pacification myth of the Jewish controlled state.  Even though Christians are commanded not to murder they are sent to war after war and murder for Jews.  For instance millions of Americans were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to murder the millions of Muslims for the Greater Israel project.  The fact that Christians murder for Jews even though murder is prohibited by the Jew holy book seems to escape the believer’s dogmatic reality.

During the endless bloodletting, Christ never returns but the demon preachers bang the pulpit with Jewish Bibles demanding you believe that Christ is coming back any day now.  But he never does because he Jesus is simply a meme the Jew uses to control the Goyim mind.  Jesus is a fiction maintained by demon preachers to keep the Goy flock in line so that can be abused over and over until the end of time.





In this simulation the Jews are given the edge by the programming, Jews have the advantaged because they wrote the holy text that allows them to rule.  Without the Holy Bible, the Jews would be immediately exposed as frauds and killed without mercy.  But with the Bible the evil Jewish parasite is divinely worshipped as a chosen one of god.  The Bible is held dearly but it is really the enemy of the Goy.

Every week out of every year out of every decade out of every century and every millenia the Goy cattle are told over and over that Jesus will return.  The demon preachers work this mantra magic and it keeps the Goy in line as they hope for eternal salvation and deliverance from the earth hell.  But salvation is not achieved, when the body dies the soul is recycled back into a new body completing forgetting what happened in the previous lives.

New Hypothesis: Synthetic Souls Trapped in a Hell Matrix for All Eternity

“The bad joke is on us, we thought our job was to get to heaven to be with the Jew father god Yahweh, but what really happened was that our fear of eternal punishment became eternal punishment on earth.  We never made it to heaven in some phony afterlife, we only created hell in real time on planet earth.  We are stuck in an endless loop of torture and suffering until we change our thoughts on a collective level.


We got our theology completely wrong, we wasted generations of human lives praying to Jesus for redemption in countless churches strewn across the old and new world, we gave billions of dollars to church officials in redemptive schemes and none of it was ever true.  Our souls were never threatened with eternal punishment – in reality our souls are trapped in a hell matrix and afterlife is only an illusion of the trickster priests who created afterlife heavens in our minds so that we would put up with the miserable conditions on earth.”

What is really going on is that souls are trapped in a torture simulation and Jesus is a false myth pacifying the minds of Christian sheep trapped in the hell simulation.  The fact that no god ever comes to our rescue doesn’t seem to diminish the hopish beliefs of the spellbound Goy.  For thousands of years the Jesus delusion keeps the Goy in bondage to Jewish predation, and it has resulted in the most horrible torture and deaths imaginable.

Jesus never returned for the Apostles, Jesus didn’t return during the three centuries of witch trials, he didn’t float down during the two world wars.  The delusion is holding strong in the simulation right up the bitter end.  Jews are preparing to wipe out most of the earth’s population is a great nuclear holocaust.  They have achieved total dominance and they have a plan for you – your death.

Many people are depressed and realizing the hypocrisy of the believers

many are turning to drugs as the Bible spell wears off

others are contemplating this realm as a simulated reality

that they are expendable pieces of meat in a soul animation

that’s there no afterlife as imagined

and this world is completely unjust Jewish organized hellhole

where Jews torture Goyim souls for all eternity

Most people can not fathom the evil of this place, no one can admit that earth is a hell realm run by Jews and that our souls are trapped, that we are being tortured for all time, that there is nothing we can do because we are totally psychically pinned down by Jewish myth.

Russia in Syria: Doom for Greater Israel


People are wondering why Trump is invading Syria.  The answer is not hard to understand.  Trump is a Jew whore and he was put into power by Jews for Jews.  He appointed Jew swamp creatures, his daughter is married into a criminal Jew family.  Trump did not betray his base, Trump was a super Zionist all along, his campaign managers told his base exactly what they wanted to hear.  Now that he is in power, it looks as though he reversed his promises.  That is only an illusion create by the Jewish deep state.

This essay was originally published 30 Sep 2015 when Putin started his air campaign against the Jew proxy army ISIS.  At the time, the idea that ISIS was an Israeli front and clearing the way for Greater Israel was barely understood by the alternative media.  Now that Russia has nearly destroyed ISIS in Syria, the Jew is desperate to regain Syrian region for Greater Israel.  Trump was selected to fight Russia in Syria, to drive Russia from Syria, to topple the Assad government and put in a Jewish puppet government and genocide all non-Jews in the Greater Israel area.  Trump wasn’t flipped, he was a Jew whore all along.



ISIS IS ISRAEL, ISIS is Israel Secret Intelligence Service, it is a covert Mossad Army, a proxy army of Israel and it’s goal is to drive Muslims out of Greater Israel.  But now Russia has landed Syria and conducted the first airstrikes against the enemies of Assad.  This portends the END OF the drive for GREATER ISRAEL WHICH ENCOMPASSES MUCH OF SYRIA.


Embattled Syria will now quickly drive out the Jew proxy invaders.  As Syria is retaken (in as little as a matter of weeks) and ISIS pushed back into Iraq, they will be faced by Shias with Iran support to the east.  Iran will join up with Russia in Baghdad, and the entire northern Levant will now be off limits to Jew and his evil proxy army.  A giant military pincer like move is in the making.


The first Russian airstrikes on 30 Sep 2015 mark the beginning of the end of the Greater Jew Rothschild Pet State Project.  Israel is the plantation of Rothschild, it is how a Jew central banker owner created his own state right Middle East near the oil corridor.  Israel is the dog of Rothschild – it’s job is not so much as a nation for Jews as much as it is used for criminal purposes.


Ratchild doesn’t give a rat’s ass who gets killed in the upcoming Apocalypse.  If Jews were smart, they’d take him out and get rid of the Likud war party – but they won’t because in the heart of hearts of the Jew is a raping ape.  So liberal Jews can see what’s coming and they are moving to places like California.

Oil prices have collapsed again – just as we are going into the new depression.  The world has excess oil, new discoveries since the 1979 Iran Revolution in Canada and Venezuela have added so much more oil that the problem now is excess oil.  The center of the petroleum driven world has moved across the pond, potential Venezuela reserves dwarf Saudi Arabia – which is being pumped dry.


So this entire petro-dollar Neocon imperial driven agenda is an epic fail – oil production is not exclusively about the Middle East anymore and the markets will be moving away from oil.  With the success of Tesla motors, in a decade high performance and affordable electric cars could be commonplace greatly decreasing the need for oil.  Currently Tesla is building a 5 billion dollar Gigafactory near Sparks Nevada – lowering the cost of the lithium driven sedan even further.


These Middle East wars are not about seizing oil production as much as they are about limiting the excess capacity.  While the Bush Cabal and Neocons have made havoc with their wars – Iran and Iraq oil production has never recovered from US intervention.   That was the idea – blow up nation states that are pumping oil so that you can sell your oil at favorable prices.


The United States military empire could be doing good in the world, but no, shameful America does the bidding of the banks, defense contractors, big oil, and Israel.  The result has been catastrophic – so bad that Russia has landed on the western Levant.  Good.  Fuck Israel, fuck the Jews, fuck their Greater Israel plan of Wrathchild.

You may be wondering why it will only be a short while till ISIS is crushed in Syria while the United States had no effect – that is because the Zionist controlled USA was supporting ISIS and Israel.  It was a completely phony war, the goal is to clean out Muslims from the Middle East and establish the Jew only area called Greater Israel.


In the meantime, Satanyahu is making his moves for Greater Israel, it is Bibi Netanyahu behind the terror war and the refugee crisis, it is this one crazy man pushing the United States into war with Iran.  Netanyahu is the author of terror, he is the brains behind this middle east madness and proxy war.

Jew create chaos, the purpose of ISIS was to create chaos and allow the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from the area within Greater Israel.  There was no real goal of an Islamic State, it the Jewish State taking over under the cover of an Islamic state false flag.

Hard to believe, right?  Yeah, Jews have some big balls and they are doing exactly that.  Seven million  Syrian refugees have poured out looking for new homes – a manufactured crisis by the Jew and Israel.  Russia has every right to intervene as they are the recipient of the crazy militant Muslims.

PUTIN VOICE OF MORAL AUTHORITY - Do You Realize Now What You Have Done

The collapse of the Syrian takeover will now add fuel to the fire – this loss of United States hegemony will fuel the negative sentiment and help fuel the pessimism that is driving the stock market collapse.  Soon people will realize that Uncle Sam is an idiot and must go home.

The dream of Greater Israel and World Rule from Jerusalem just ended.  Putin is the new Caesar, all hail Putin, GLORY BE TO HIS NAME.

March 19, 2015 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Bust of Russian president Vladimir Putin dressed as a Roman Emperor at a workshop of the Academy of Arts. The idea of creating a sculpture was proposed by Cossack chieftain Andrei Polyakov of the Cossack Society, who plans to install a monument near Prospekt Mira Station. (Credit Image: © Konkov Sergei/TASS/ZUMA Wire)

Trump Invading Syria for Greater Israel


Hardcore Zionist stooge Donald Trump has illegally attacked Syria for Netanyahu and the Greater Israel Plan. He is a supremacist just like the Jew, he is an egoist just like the Jew, Trump thinks he has the moral right to violate sovereign nations because he’s the Donald.  This fool could get us all killed.

Americans should be concerned that Jew Inc. has put into power a fool narcissist.   Tweet after tweet proves this guys self absorption with his own greatness.  Now he’s in charge, the big man on the totem pole, the decider in chief, another big egoist just like Il Duce Mussolini who ended up on a meat hook.
Want proof that Trump is self absorbed?

“All of the women on ‘The Apprentice’ flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

The world was gloomy before I won – there was no hope. Now the market is up nearly 10% and Christmas spending is over a trillion dollars!”

There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am

The politically naive alt-right feels betrayed just as the neo-left was by President Obama.  The alt-right has awoken to the Trump betrayal which wasn’t a betrayal but really an unveiling.  Trump is Jew whore just like Obama, Clinton, Bush, Ford, Nixon and all the way back to President Wilson who authorized the Federal Reserve.  Make no mistake Trump is a hardcore Zionist whore of Netanyahu and world Jewry.

Trump is the President, if he didn’t want Zionists on his staff he wouldn’t hire them, if he wasn’t a tool he could call in the Marines and have the traitors of the Republic arrested.  I can tell you as a former USAF officer for a fact that all military personnel will obey his orders without question.  Whatever Trump says will be followed automatically as a command.  So what this means is that “big man” Trump is doing what he is doing voluntarily.

To the alt-right it seems Trump has betrayed them – but if you objectively examine his AIPAC and other pro-Jewish speeches you will realize that Trump is part of the Kosher Nostra – in other words Trump’s is beholden and linked to Jewish wealth.  Trump’s daughter Ivanka is married to 666 Fifth Avenue owner Jared Kushner who served in the Israeli army.  Trump’s staff is loaded to the gills with Jewish moles, Goldman Sachs executives, Zionist warmongering generals.

Where’s the proof that Trump is being controlled, coerced, or blackmailed?  Trump is owned, Amerika is owned by world Jewry and this idea that we the people have any say in how things are is just not true.  It is only an illusion that this a democracy, the ugly truth is that elections are staged events where people vote between two false alternatives.

Trump speech AIPAC (21 March 2016)

“Good evening. Thank you very much.

I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel. (CHEERS, APPLAUSE)

I am a newcomer to politics, but not to backing the Jewish state.


In 2001, weeks after the attacks on New York City and on Washington and, frankly, the attacks on all of us, attacks that perpetrated and they were perpetrated by the Islamic fundamentalists, Mayor Rudy Giuliani visited Israel to show solidarity with terror victims.

I sent my plane because I backed the mission for Israel 100 percent.


In spring of 2004 at the height of the violence in the Gaza Strip, I was the grand marshal of the 40th Salute to Israel Parade, the largest-single gathering in support of the Jewish state.


It was a very dangerous time for Israel and frankly for anyone supporting Israel. Many people turned down this honor. I did not. I took the risk and I’m glad I did.


But I didn’t come here tonight to pander to you about Israel. That’s what politicians do: all talk, no action. Believe me.


I came here to speak to you about where I stand on the future of American relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship and our cultural brother, the only democracy in the Middle East, the state of Israel.



My number-one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran.


Thank you. Thank you.

I have been in business a long time. I know deal-making. And let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic for America, for Israel and for the whole of the Middle East.

(APPLAUSE) The problem here is fundamental. We’ve rewarded the world’s leading state sponsor of terror with $150 billion, and we received absolutely nothing in return.


I’ve studied this issue in great detail, I would say actually greater by far than anybody else.


Believe me. Oh, believe me. And it’s a bad deal.

The biggest concern with the deal is not necessarily that Iran is going to violate it because already, you know, as you know, it has, the bigger problem is that they can keep the terms and still get the bomb by simply running out the clock. And of course, they’ll keep the billions and billions of dollars that we so stupidly and foolishly gave them.


The deal doesn’t even require Iran to dismantle its military nuclear capability. Yes, it places limits on its military nuclear program for only a certain number of years, but when those restrictions expire, Iran will have an industrial-sized, military nuclear capability ready to go and with zero provision for delay, no matter how bad Iran’s behavior is. Terrible, terrible situation that we are all placed in and especially Israel.


When I’m president, I will adopt a strategy that focuses on three things when it comes to Iran. First, we will stand up to Iran’s aggressive push to destabilize and dominate the region.


Iran is a very big problem and will continue to be. But if I’m not elected president, I know how to deal with trouble. And believe me, that’s why I’m going to be elected president, folks.


And we are leading in every poll. Remember that, please.


Iran is a problem in Iraq, a problem in Syria, a problem in Lebanon, a problem in Yemen and will be a very, very major problem for Saudi Arabia. Literally every day, Iran provides more and better weapons to support their puppet states. Hezbollah, Lebanon received — and I’ll tell you what, it has received sophisticated anti-ship weapons, anti-aircraft weapons and GPS systems and rockets like very few people anywhere in the world and certainly very few countries have. Now they’re in Syria trying to establish another front against Israel from the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.


As soon as the lying politician gets into office his concerns of the little people is soon forgotten because voting is a charade of the ruling class to establish authoritarian rule.  They care nothing for us and have their own agenda, and in the case of modern states subverted by ZOG the agenda is an Israeli agenda.   Fools on the antiwar left are fighting with the alt-right instead of uniting against ZOG.  We have no hope if we can’t unite.

Amerika been fooled again because voting is manipulated emotional response and not objective reality.  Well the koolaid is wearing off, the new boss will be worse than the old boss.  The goy were fooled again and that is good  because it will force them to dig deeper and discover Jewish control.  America is ruled by Jews and they are masters of statecraft and deception.  The people remain divided, and it will probably stay that way right up until the bitter end.

Trump is not betraying us all.  Trump is part of the Jewish crime scheme.  He didn’t flip all of a sudden, that is a misperception by those with stars in their eyes about making America great again.  Doesn’t a slogan like that bother you?  Why would we want to make a war mongering nation great again?  The fools don’t understand the real plan is to destroy the United States by pitting it into a no-win war with Russia and Iran.

Jews plan to rule the world from Jerusalem.  Fool Trump has promised to make that the Jewish capital.  They need Amerika and Russia to go at it leaving them victorious.  Zionist Jews are completely ruthless, they will do anything to get their way.  The Israelis are masters of deception, they are the real terrorists, they did 911 to manipulate America into endless wars in the Middle East until they are used up and then thrown into the ditch.

How much more evidence do the patriots need before they through the towel in and realize they’ve been had?  Trump is not your friend, he isn’t going to save America, he is not going to make America great again (if that was even possible on the long cycle).  Trump is just another mad man who could get all of us killed.





As crazy as it sounds, all the facts point toward another war in the Middle East with boots on the ground by June 1st.  The stakes are high and Putin is not leaving Syria.   Trump has proved himself crazy with the Syria Tomahawk missile strike.  Trump is like a character in the Dr. Strangelove movie, he’s going to ride the bomb into oblivion and in all probability nukes could be going off soon.  Don’t be fooled by this cult of personality, Trump is a liar who told you what you wanted to hear to get elected, now he will implement the plans of his Jewish supremacist masters.



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National Disgrace



The Jews, for all intensive purposes, control Western Democracies, and anyone can see how degenerate the modern state has become under Jewish rule.  There is a definitive reason for this, the Jew has a corrupt domineering soul, and finds it impossible to treat others fairly.   But their is an even more fundamental reason for Jewish control besides the inherent Jewish personality, it is the state the Jew created with his holy book.

hebrew phallus cult

When the Jew gets political power, his corrupt tendencies are now married to the monopolistic use of force that the state wields, and the result has been catastrophic for the Western world.  The primary problem is with the state itself and with the Jews in control of the state the destruction that the Jew wields has reached and Apocalyptic proportion.  The Jewish controlled state is a deadly force consuming the world.

The Jew is the master of despotism, Jewish supremacists are experts on the use of the state for negative purposes.  The Jew achieved this power by first establishing god as the supreme authority then the Jew claimed special status in relation to this god and thus gained authoritarian rule.  God ordains the state and picked the Jews as his emissaries so says the Jewish written holy book.

sacred menorah-is-a-donkey-penis

It is a supreme mistake of mankind to believe in the Jewish chosenness or his god, the establishment of external authority, and the creature of the holy text: the state. The state is the great destroyer of humankind, governments have killed more people than any tyrant or mass murderer. The state has authority over legally disarmed citizens and the most ruthless psychopaths are attracted to this ultimate power.

The Jews have established a state based on their ego, governments are vindictive just like their god which was cast in their ego. Because so many people believe in the authority of god this meme has been translated to authority of the state.  Thus the Jews have the power to use the state to achieve their ends, which is to destroy or subjugate everything.  With the god meme the Jews managed to gain control of western democracies and now these states are the components of the beast of Revelation.


What no one knows or wants to admit is that Judaism is Jewish statism.  There is no god which cares about getting authority over you, it is only the priest that wants to control.  The Jews have established this fictional entity of an external authority in your mind with the god meme, this unproven external deity that is supreme to self.  The result has been catastrophic, the state is now the biggest killer on the planet.

The state is out of control and organizing people to build weapons of mass destruction and wage endless ever more destructive war.  The state is the beast of Revelation.  The states built from the external authority meme as presented in the Jewish written holy book is the monster devouring the earth.  The heads of the beast is symbolic of individual nations, the horns the individual rulers, and they are all one thing, the beast.


When discussing the use of state to control by the use of force, the general term statism is used to describe the despotic use of force.  What is statism?  To answer that think about what the state really is:  the state is simply a group with a monopoly on the use of force.  The state is a gang, and when the gang uses force arbitrarily, violating individual rights then that is statism.  According to Ayn Rand, who concretely defined the term, statism is:

“A statist system—whether of a communist, fascist, Nazi, socialist or “welfare” type—is based on the . . . government’s unlimited power, which means: on the rule of brute force. The differences among statist systems are only a matter of time and degree; the principle is the same. Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.”

The Jewish World Order is the statist world system of Jewish despotic rule.  The western nations are the body of the beast, the Jews control all the individual heads (nations) and horns(leaders) of the beast system.  The Jews are an organized crime syndicate, manipulating the political system to commit huge crimes (like 911, Sandy Hook, Fukushima) against the people, they get away with it because they control the media and the legal system where they do the crimes in high density Jewish populated areas like New York City.  This Jewish political order, the New World Order as some call it, is the Jewish controlled statist system of tyranny..


The Jewess Ayn Rand failed to see the Jewish connection to statism, like most Jews she tended to defend her race and Israel whenever she could.  She never wrote about the religious connection to her outspoken commentary on collectivism – it is the Jew who invented the unlimited state with his imagined overbearing God Yahweh.  All must obey my God, the only God, and those who are not of my God must be wiped out.  Monotheism is the original source of fascism or statism, the use of government force to align everyone with the will of the state.

Statism is sourced in the Old Testament, theological fascism caused by monotheistic belief.  Think about the tale of the flood myth in Genesis, Yahweh kills everyone except his chosen one Noah and his family.  This exclusionism is the essential theme of the Old Testament.  Obey me or else sayeth the Lord.  The grotesque orders of an omnipotent being who wipes out humanity in fits of wrath is the source of state power and vengeance being loosed on the world..  This god doesn’t exist, but state omnipotence and the priest’s wrath do exist, and that is the real problem with the world.


Most Christians have yet to realize that the chosen status of the Jews is a self chosen status, since they wrote the myth making them superior to all.  That’s pretty convenient.  When you believe it, it becomes true, when you believe the Jew superior, he becomes your superior.  Since most of the citizen slave subscribe to Christianity, they have voluntarily submitted to Jewish rule because of their faith.  Christianity is how you hand the Jew your authority, give Jewry your power, and self destruct.

This slavery of the west is voluntary, or at least is was voluntary until now, when it is now mandatory under the Jew total state.  Try not paying your taxes to the Jewish owned IRS.  So what Christians have done is an unpardonable sin, they have delivered all the Western nations into the clutches of the Jewish World Order.  For this they deserve death, for the penalty of treason to the human soul is death.  By agreeing to the Jewish evil projection of Yahweh as love, the Christians have destroyed their very souls and the nations they inhabit.

While in the deep trance of faith, Christian nations were assimilated into a Jewish monolith of power.  Now it’s to late to reverse course, we are fully cooked boiled frogs, the pot the Jew is cooking us is at a roiling boil and we still are duped!  We are already dead but don’t know it yet, we are obsessed with vampire and Zombie flicks and pretend to be against those dead when it is a metaphor for us!

The Jew is currently letting loose the Apocalyptic Horseman of plagues and war onto the world, all the while Evangelist tell themselves prophecy is being fulfilled, their faith renewed by the disaster of Jewish rule.  Evangelists are completely insane!  Self fulfilling prophecy of doom is coming true because Christians are making sure it comes true to prove to everyone that they are not legally insane.  But they are, we create our reality and what Christians are really doing is playing a game of willful ignorance while everything goes to straight to hell

The Jew is a menace to the world, and Christians are their little demon helpers.  America helps Israel because the voting base is 80% Christian, many who worship Israel.  Many nations have banned Jews from the political process or even from voting, since after hosting the parasite for awhile they learned the hard lesson that every nation learns, never let even one Jew through the door, never let any Jews into your nation because it will be your downfall.

You absolutely can not let the Jew into your political system, the result is chaos as the Jew only works to further the interest of his tribe to the detriment of the citizens.  The Jews are their own nation, their loyalty is to the tribe even more so than Israel.  Jews can flee Israeli madness but they will always be part of the wandering tribe.  All Jews are loyal to their nation first no matter where they reside.


The self obsessed Jew, in love with his own image cast upon the fictional deity Yahweh, is selfish in his chosenness, self absorbed into his own victimhood of the Holocaust Myth.  The Jew takes this Jew bashing seriously because it is how he gets power over you, you are taught that the Jew is a victim and his persecution is unjustified.  The Jew is taught that he is persecuted for disobeying Yahweh and that his endless persecution is proof that his Holy Books are true.  The Jew believes that they are God’s representative on earth and their persecution comes from the eternal wickedness of men,not from their own acts.

The exact opposite is the reality, the Jew is eternally wicked but can’t see it because of his narcissism.  Jews manage to invert reality to their benefit, their persecution, completely justified by their behavior is turned into a faith enhancing concept.  Is that total lunacy?  You bet, the Jew is completely off his rocker with his self chosen status, Holocaust fakery, 911, false flags, genocide, and telling of the Big Lie.

Jewish control of nation states is now being outed, every bit of trickery and deceit is being exposed while they wax their eternal hate on the world.  Less and less people are believing the Jew anymore, the poor Jew has cried wolf to many times. Even though the Holocaust card is still being played, it is wearing thin, people are becoming less sympathetic to the imagined Jewish suffering because they are suffering themselves from Jewish control.  As we suffer the Jewish rulers offer collectivism memes, they have mastered control of social justice and political correctness.

The New Age concept of self caused fate is gaining prominence as more people accept individual responsibility for the state of the world, it is only a matter of time before humans wrap their minds around the Jewish and his state problem.  We all create our own reality, thus it can be seen that Jewish persecution is caused by the actions of the Jew.  The Jews are justly reaping their own Karmic acts of aggression against the Goyim.  They can’t stop, because the Jew is taught only how to be a parasite and survives by predation on the productive.

So the fate of Amerika is grim, the Jew is starting the big Bolshevik like crackdown, and he will continue destroying and wrecking America until someone organizes the people to stop this Jewish madness.  You have to understand the Jew can not stop what he is doing, you must take action to stop these criminals.  The very first thing anyone can do is overcome the spell and stop believing in the Jewish construct of reality.


What no one knows or wants to admit is that Jewish theology is statism.  What you must realize that the “state” is a mental construct of the Jew.  The idea of the collective making laws that all must follow is a very Jewish concept that goes way back to antiquity, where educated Jews formed theocracy based on religious law.  In order to sell this state-law concept, they adopted-invented the Moses story-myth in which you are taught that God-Yahweh handed to the Jew-Moses the Law-Authority.

Moses didn’t exist anymore than Yahweh or Jesus.  These are fictional characters in a story that gets you to voluntarily submit to external authority and rule by those that oppose your very breath.  With God, the Jew got authority to rule over you. So it is true, “god” gave the Jew the wealth of the world.  But that is not the honest way of saying it, it should be said that with the “god concept” the Jew was able to swindle the world.

Individual Sovereignty

You are taught that God is sovereign and you are to obey God.  This is the great ruse of the state, getting your obedience with the god meme.  With “God” the Jews took the world, they were able to take control of the political process and kill your sons in foreign wars of Jewish aggression.  No one doubts that now, Israel did 911, New York Jews covered it up, the Gulf Wars were Jewish Wars on Muslims fought by Americans.

How many more years of Middle East wars are you willing to endure for the Jew?  How many more sons of Liberty must die for Israel?  They will never stop killing Arabs, so what we must do is deal with Jewish control.  The solution to the Jew problem is obvious, the solution is the final solution, all Jews must be removed from state and then prosecuted as war criminals.


If you want to be free of Jewish control you must doff the myth and put those that teach the obedience to the state, burn the holy books, destroy the temples in which the mental poison is taught.  It’s very simple, all Jews and their whores must be dealt with.  In order to be free of the Jew, and forever grant freedom to your offspring, then you must kill the mental construct of Yahweh.  Yahweh is the enemy of all that breathes, all that with a pulse, all that lusts for living is the eternal enemy of the Jewish God.


Do Jews Have Souls?



Most people assume that all people have souls, many people also think their pets have souls.  I do not assume I know anything about the soul except to think the soul is a meme being used to describe something we don’t fully understand.  If you try to nail the soul down with concrete descriptive terms it will be seen differently and prejudicially by each faith or belief system.  No one knows if we even have souls, and thus the reason why the soul is near impossible to describe because there’s no evidence to build a model.

do we have souls or is the soul just a concept

The soul has been defined as the essence of being human, a part of consciousness, the informational field of self, the personal energy field, the part of you that survives death, an aspect of God, etc.  The simple fact of not knowing what the soul actually is seems to escape everyone.  We have this cultural meme of the soul and no one has a clue to what the hell they are talking about.  Why aren’t we just one organic thing and not this tri-part being?

Look at yourself right now, do you see three things or one thing?  These questions about ourselves persist because we dodge true understanding. We don’t have definitive answers about souls, and we are not able to answer this important question of being because we are unable to quantify what the soul is.  No one person has ever been able to prove the soul, or explain why we are a three part being of body, mind, and soul.  Why are we not one thing I ask over and over?  Why aren’t we just a coherent human being?

That makes me wonder if the entire construct of body, mind, and soul is part and parcel a religious description assigned to us so that we can be controlled.  Religion, after all, is the ultimate hustle, where the human is scared out of their wits with demons, devils, eternal punishment, hell fires and the like – all creations of the priest to trick the believer into compliance with the priest.  The Holy Bible is the ultimate deception of the priest, the rabbi tricks the reader into obey his commands with the god meme.


If you ask any religious person of any stripe about the soul they will give you are knee jerk pre-canned response.  First of all, no one knows the real answer, and the zealot can only give you a verbatim repeat of what they’ve been programmed concerning the soul.  So if you ask a Christian what the soul is they will only repeat what taught.  They don’t know because no one knows, but they think they know.  This tendency to lie about what they don’t know is the Jewish disease, the Christian lives inside the same simulacrum of lying as the Jew.

If you look for any definitive answers to the soul question you will have to venture into Hinduism.  I think that most of the metaphysical concepts of Judaism concepts are actually pirated from the Sanatan Dharma (the old name of Hinduism).  The Jewish parasite lifted much of the Hindu metaphysical ideas then demonized the source religion, and the origin of the word SATAN is derived from the SAnaTAN dharma.  The reason obvious, the Jewish parasite first steals then dishonestly passes off Judaism as original and authentic, the Rabbis do not want you to know that their religion is an imposter constructed from Hinduism and thus personify and demonize the knowledge of the Sanatan Dharma.

Jewish Rabbis often claim that Gentiles do NOT have souls.  Is this accurate, are the Jews the sole owners of souls or is it the exact opposite?  We know that Jews lie about everything, we know for a fact that the Jew frequency is the exact opposite of the truth frequency.  If the Jew claims we don’t have souls we should immediately conclude the opposite and think that we have souls while the Jew does not.  Maybe the soul is just an aspect of personality, something we nurture and create with personality, the soul of a person only a vibrational quality.

But I tell you the correct answer is that we have no idea if anyone has a soul, or if the soul is a good thing.  Doesn’t this foreign entity of the soul that invades your body make you suspicious?  Don’t parasites invade their host’s bodies?  What if the soul is the force input of simulators of this animation?  Are not the Jews hijacking the soul’s intentions by overlaying their book code so that humanity become their slaves?  The Holy Bible is a weapon of the Jew to capture souls and turn them into willing slaves of Jewish power.


We know that the cultural meme of the soul is also directly associated with creativity.  The Jewish parasite lacks this aspect of creation and thus is regulated to a parasitic status.  Jews have been the eternal parasite amongst the Gentile host nations and the reason for this might be that they lack souls.  The obvious reverse psychology of the Jew claiming we don’t have souls is the soulless parasite making an aggressive statement to control the Goy.

Think about it, a creative person does not try to control others, a creative person is in the flow with their soul energy field, they are so busy with their life and expression of it that they wouldn’t even think of stealing someone elses work.  Now take typical Jewish behavior throughout the ages, the Jews being crafty, good with words and law, rob the Gentiles of their creative work, art, poetry, science, music compositions, patents, etc., etc.  We all know this to be true, we all know from personal experience how the Jew robs us blind.  The Jew has parasitic behavior because the Jew is cutoff from source.

jealous -jews-lie-because-they-are-uncomfortable-in-truth-frequency

Many Rabbis claim that the non Jews are soul less cattle to be exploited and killed.  But the fact is that it is the Jews who lack creativity and must parasitize on the host population – it is the Jew who lack this creative potential of the soul and thus the claim that we don’t have souls is just another Jewish inversion of reality.  Maybe we all have souls, perhaps the Gentile souls are creative while the Jewish soul less than fully developed or suppressed by belief in their hell god.

If you believe doing evil is the highest expression of the divine then your soul might flee, the soul being from a higher source simply can’t coexist in a Jewish demonic body, so the Jew lacks soul because of behavior and belief.  If true this could explain why the Jew has blood rituals to feed on Gentile souls.  The Jew might rape a male child to scare the soul out of the body so the Jew can feed on the soul energy.


I think the Hindu concept of the soul was hijacked by the evil tribe and turned into a weapon of the Jews.  The soul is a controlling meme of the Jew book, the Jew uses the soul concept to control the Gentiles, the soul is a meme being used by the evil Jews to control their creative brothers.  The idea that we lack souls while only the black-hearted Jew has the holy aspect in his heart is laughably insane.

Think how well the soul meme fits in a simulated reality, souls are eternal (from the mainframe), all souls are connected (they are all from the same computed source), souls are the only part of self that survives death which is very like a computer games of sims, the sim disappears but the code that created the sim remains on the hard drive.


If anyone lacks soul it is Jew.  If anyone is not fully human it is Jew.  If anyone is the farthest from source it is Jew.  If anyone needs spirituality it is Jew.  If anyone needs to find their creativity it is Jew.  If anyone needs to be saved from the wrathful god of the Torah it is Jew.  So does the Jew have soul?  I have no idea but I do know that the Jew is the ultimate threat to our specie and that the elimination of the Jew from planet earth is our only salvation.

body mind spirit idea supports simulation hypothesis