Fallen Angels on the Stairway to Heaven



The Jews have been busy destroying creation with their endless contrived wars based on an endless string of false flags, have you ever wondered how they pulled this off when virtually no one wants these wars?  How did the Jews achieve power and hoodwink the world into carrying out their demented plans of world conquest?  How are they able to terrorize us in broad daylight and we do nothing in response?

They did it with their book, they were able to project their collective will into this realm by writing about a god who destroys their enemies and got you religiously hooked by aligning your will with theirs, now we are fighting the enemies of Judea instead of fighting them.  We are fighting the wrong enemy because of the memetic infection called Christianity.

Western Europeans were converted to Christianity, a Jewish religion that converts Gentiles to Judaism, Christians, for all intensive purposes, are Jews.  The vast majority of Americans believe this myth, they have been indoctrinated and believe in the Jewish messiah Jesus and many believe we are in the end times.  Christians are in on it with Jews, thus they are unable to resist.  The Jews colonized the Gentile minds with their book.

The Jews also sold the world view via their book and tax breaks to snake oil salesmen turned preachers.  They sold their book of doom and got the entire western world to believe in their version of god, a vengeful wrathful war god as the all powerful god of creation.  We have been brainwashed to help the Jew fight his wars of domination because we believe this is what god wants.

Except is was never so, there is no god that wants anything from us.  Our noble spirit has been used for evil, our pursuit of justice overturned by Jewish dementia of terror, our civilization is now in ruins because of Jewish control and it is going to get much worse.  We are fallen angels who tried to reach for the promise of eternal life and fell short and have fallen into the pits of Jewish darkness.

fallen angels unable to make it to heaven through war

This god of wrath doesn’t actually exist, but the Jew was able to get you to believe in his version of god and was able to get you to play along.  The result is our present reality, a world in chaos, endless war by god’s ‘chosen ones’.  The entire problem is within ourselves, the Jews just need to be killed but we won’t because the Jews psychically own us because of the Bible myth.

The sad reality of our world is the Bible made manifest by believers, not as fulfillment of prophecy, but by the will of the believers.  The Jew will keep destroying every part of creation so long as everyone keeps believing, and the sad part of this is that the memeplex has generated a feedback loop whereby more belief occurs as destruction goes up.  The closer we approach total annihilation the more we believe Jesus will return.  But Jesus can’t because he ain’t real.

How did the Jews dupe the Goyim into fighting their wars?  They sold the book to the gentle peoples with the promise of eternal life.  God rewards those that obey and punishes the non-believer.  If you obey you gain entry into heaven, if you don’t you burn in hell.  With that motivation most people go along with being obedient, for to go against god or the Jew or Israel is to face eternal doom.

In the Holy Bible are control memes, God commands his people to kill the non-believers, he is jealous and full of rage, you must help him tear down the opponents of Jewish civilization.  Here is a typical passage from the evil Jew book you call the Holy Bible, Nahum 1 (NIV):

2The Lord is a jealous God,

filled with vengeance and rage.

He takes revenge on all who oppose him

and continues to rage against his enemies!

3The Lord is slow to get angry, but his power is great,

and he never lets the guilty go unpunished.

He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm.

The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet.

4At his command the oceans dry up,

and the rivers disappear.

The lush pastures of Bashan and Carmel fade,

and the green forests of Lebanon wither.

5In his presence the mountains quake,

and the hills melt away;

the earth trembles,

and its people are destroyed.

6Who can stand before his fierce anger?

Who can survive his burning fury?

His rage blazes forth like fire,

and the mountains crumble to dust in his presence.

Do you believe these are the words of god?  They are words written by men trying to persuade you to accept their version of reality.  War.  Wage war for god.  Those that believe and follow the Bible end up being denied heaven, they produce hell on earth, the kingdom of heaven escapes their grasp, they instead create a very real hell on earth as they follow the commands of Yahweh.

There is no external god, there is no wrathful or jealous god, there is no destroying creator.  But there is this destroying Hebrew tribe feigning to be be representatives of god – the creator god.  Does a destroying creator god make any sense to you?  It shouldn’t unless you are spelled by the Bible because that book equates the war god with the creator god.

Bible prophecy coming true because believers are making it come true

It makes no sense whatsoever that a creator destroys his perfect creation.  The omniscient creator god can not and will not destroy his creation because it would have been perfect the first time because of His ‘all knowingness’ – but the Bible claims otherwise, the Jew book says God is a destroyer god who does destroy creation in order to fix mistakes. God didn’t get it right the first time so he sent a flood and killed everything except for those that obeyed.

But it is only a claim in a book that the destroyer Jew god is willing to destroy creation.  Why is that?   Simple!  The book is written by a destroyer race-tribe, the Bible is a book written by a plundering tribe of Neanderthals who are the ones doing the destroying but claiming divine origin.  Noah’s Ark is a story, not reality, it is myth meant to get you to obey the Jew god – which is really obeying the tribe.

Who is actually doing the destroying?  God – as the book claims, or the tribe?   It is obviously the Hebrew tribe that does the actual killing.  The god part is only the claim, only the words in the book.  The destroyer is man, not god.  God is a memetic trick of the priest to gain absolute authority and trick the common man into war.  The flood took 10,000 years, the ice took ten thousand years to melt, the Bible flood story is not true.

Branch of red wine grapes

Many passages from the Jew book are being acted out right now, the destruction of the Middle East and Ukraine is just like a Biblical passage.  The destruction is not happening in Thailand or India or those places where the people have some other religion.  The destruction is where the Jews have dominance, where the Jewish Bible is widely read and believed.

The Jew parasite is currently wrecking everything in the material plane and is even trying to subvert your very soul, for our culture to keep believing in the Holy Bible spells doom for us.  We must evolve and go to a higher consciousness and leave the superstitions of angry gods behind for our very survival.  We must completely reject the Jew construct of reality.


Christians can not see the obvious, that their faith is the cause of their ruin.  Take for instance the Vietnam aggression is by the Judeo-Christian culture, it wasn’t the Buddhists making the bombing runs, it was Jews and Christians in those aircraft, it was by a culture obsessed with getting to god, a monotheistic fascist culture damned to get to heaven no matter who they had to kill.  We killed millions in Vietnam for no reason whatsoever, but we obeyed the Jew.

So as the war dragged on some of us protested, we burned our draft cards, we assembled and said hell no, but there was so much resistance from behind, by the loyalists to power, by the believers in state authority.  The state is a myth created by belief in god, no god appoints authority over us, Romans 13 is an evil lie.

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush

No matter how we tried to stop the insanity the band played on, the church-state expanded its authority, it then waged the drug war and ruined millions of lives trying to stop drugs, while the banksters and the Bush family made billions controlling the drug trade.  They won, they did 911 and won again.  Now they are waging a terror war on us – all because we believe in authority.

The Bible says God established authority.  Take a look at  your authorities, do they look godly to you?  If not why don’t you get a torch and burn down the churches that teach that crap?  The authorities are mass murderers, criminals, they are insane psychopaths that need to be immediately killed.  So what are you waiting for?  God?

‘Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord’ meme is a Jewish supremacist meme, only the Jew and his state are allowed to seek vengeance an retribution.  You are not allowed to resist authority. No matter how debauched authority becomes you are still commanded not to resist.  That is the purpose of the myth, to psychically control you for political purpose, Christianity is a spiritual bust.

The Christian is taught and commanded to forgive, the Jew to seek wrath and those two polar opposite memes are in play in the world today.  Billions of Christians watch idly as the Jew wolves tear up the world, they do nothing, the can not take on the evil destroying their society because they have been instructed to stand down and let god take vengeance.

stupid-goyim will nver figure out our secret weapon the holy bible

The Holy Bible is the secret weapon of the Jew, you learn their fake history, you forget your own history, you frame your reality in terms of a Bible story, you fight the wars for the Jews, you are committing the extreme sin of self sacrifice for the Jew because you are taught to be like the Jewish savior Jesus.  The Jew has completely duped you with his book, no god is seeking vengeance, only the Jew seeks to destroy the world as he builds the Jewish World Order.

god-creating-the-world adding jews to screw everything up

As the world skids into nuclear World War 3, just remember it was you who played along with these devils, it was your own misgivings and fears that got you to play along.  Your fear of death was exploited because you wanted so badly to get into heaven, you did not want to be left behind.  Forget heaven and kill the Jew, that is your new command.  Only be destroying Jew evil can we get back to heaven.

The enemy Jew isn’t only inside the gates, he is in your mind.  How hard is it for a Christian to go against the Jew, the Jew has established a beach head inside your head, the believer is terrified of offending god by offing the Jew.  This is the reason I believe that so many fundamentalist Christians deny Israels involvement in 911, they would rather kill Muslims than face the truth.

You obeyed the Jew and the result was the destruction of your race.  And even while we are in the “end times” the believers are even more fervent than ever, convinced that their self made creation is prophecy fulfillment.  Obedience and faith are the modern destroyer of the technological world, doing what you are told to do by the authorities is the highway to hell.  You need to kill the authorities, not obey them.


There is not enough time to wake up the masses to their fate, the Jews have won, by ratcheting up the Ukraine civil war into WW3, they will bring down the entire modern world.  We could be only weeks away from nuclear war.  Praise Yahweh and pass the ammo, Jesus is coming, pass me a hand grenade!  Complete insanity has descended upon us because so many believe god has a plan as written by the Jew.  It is not a plan, it is a program of your own destruction.

Happy Valentines Day to all you patriots out there, we can always find love in a world turned completely upside down by the Jew.  If you want to make a gesture of love to the Universe this Valentines Day then burn your Bible, be disobedient to authority, make your way home by finding love in a world gone mad.

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