Hell of Geller


pamela-geller hell bitch

Pamela of Hell Geller is making news headlines this week, her hatred and activism is causing more dead bodies.  It’s time to roast this hell bitch.  She’s a featured writer on  World Net Daily, an Israel propaganda website, Jewish shills pretending to be conservative Americans.  She is, without a doubt, the most disgusting female Jew on the planet.

pamela geller wins most disgusting jew award

She ought to marry the most disgusting male Jew, Bibi Netanyahu, and produce more Jew hell demons that torment Earth into a Zionist grave.  If you want to know about Pam of Hell, she is insane, and this label is given by Jewish commentators.

pamela geller hell bitch of zion

Pamela Geller is held in low esteem by many of her fellow liberal Jews, like Alan, she has such deep seated hatred she makes you want to hug a liberal Jew.

“Similarly, the Bary case has generated enormous anger on the part of American Muslim toward fundamentalist Christianity.  Geller, out of her deep-seated animus toward Islam, has made common cause with those Christian evangelicals which both converted Bary and persuaded her to become a runaway.

geller supports english defence league

Geller: ‘How I wish I could be there to stand with the English Defence League.’

Similarly, and again out of her hatred of Islam, she has made common cause with some of Europe’s scummiest neo-Nazi groups simply because the enemy of her enemy is her friend.  No matter that some of her allies have been photographed giving Nazi salutes (and you can imagine their views about Jews).

This is simply a case of someone who is clearly a deeply troubled person and somewhat of a sociopath in the sense that she has no clear sense of truth or even objective reality.  She is such a narcissist that she has no notion that she could ever be wrong about anything.  Though it seems hard to believe, I don’t think she has the capacity to understand that she lies.  It’s as if any statement in furtherance of her interests is justified, whether true or not.  Further, anyone who is against her is not just wrong, but becomes a mortal enemy in a life and death struggle between good and evil.  She, of course, represents good and the rest of the world, evil.”

She has latched on to the philosophy of Ayn Rand, claiming to be civilized, promoting billboards in NYC that label Muslims as uncivilized.  Jews are the modern barbarians, headlines coming out of Gaza are proof, IDF soldiers ordered to kill civilians, head chopping ISIS is an Israeli operation.


Buses in NYC are now adorned with her handiwork.  It’s hate, Jew hate, and it obscures the fact that Israel did 911.  Muslims are being framed by Jew treachery.

killing-jews-is-worship-that-draws-us-close-to-allah- PAMELA GELLER HATE SPEECH ADL SAYS NOTHING


Her ads are backfiring, more and more Americans are waking up and smelling the Jew in the morning, and thinking what the hell has happened to America.  Jews are causing all the problems, Jews did 911, not Muslims.  We must thank her for her subliminal advertizements, more and more people are starting to think that “killing Jews” is a great idea.


Did she off her first husband?  She made 2 million on her first divorce, she works closely with the Mossad to false flag America, did she have her first husband killed?

imagine waking up to this

Domineering bitch looking for another feeding, god help the man married to her.  Nothing feminine about her, she’s all Neanderthal, and cannibal hungry.  Run, Robert Spencer, run, she’s hungry for another feeding.

Pamela Geller HUngry for another man feeding



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