The End of History and the Last Jew



We are at the end of Jewish history, which is sometimes referred to as “His Story”, the total bullshit history about how God contacted the first Jew and the divinity of the Jewish race.  The God of the Jew doesn’t exist, this “god” is really Jewish tribal racism disguised as a religion.

His story is the story of a patriarchal tribe of male Jewish supremacists at war with all others – told in context of a fictional god commanding the tribe.  This is a monumental lie of the Jewish writers, no god told the Israelites to go kill other tribes.  How do we know?  Because many people have contacted this “god” and this god does not tell you to kill others.

God is the inspiration behind human consciousness, god is not all powerful nor is god directing human affairs.  God does nothing because it is a program running in the back of human consciousness, which makes you wonder if this is some sort or artificial realm.

Take a look around at all the war and suffering and then negate the claim of a god directed society.  The caring God is not present.  Supremacist Jews are directing the Western world and making war on those resisting Jewish economic hegemony.  No god is in the equation, no god cares if millions die, no god will do anything about the immense human suffering on planet earth.

The ideas in the Holy Bible about God is a mass delusion, no evidence supports the contentions made in the holy text.  God doesn’t intervene, he will not stop Jews from blowing up earth.  If you want the Jews to stop making chaos then you must do something, and you can start by ridding your mind of the Holy Bible verses.

Moses and ten commandments never happened

God didn’t give Moses Ten Commandments.  God didn’t give a particular group of people laws for all to follow, God didn’t establish governments that we must obey.  This God did none of these things because this all-powerful god doesn’t even exist, the formation of the human idea of gods or god are attempts of the human mind to find order in a chaotic realm of an awakening human mind.

Information now moves at the speed of light, as Jews corner the world into their despotic end game humanity will be forced to wake up to Jew predation.  The Bible bullshit story is rapidly coming to the end, anyone who can access the internet will easily find material to validate their doubts about the holy text.   The Bible could only exist with ignorant minds trapped by the priest.


Bible history didn’t happen because it is a fabrication of stolen literature.  The Holy Bible narrative is now a disproven story.  In fact the entire text is untrue because the underlying premise is untrue, no angry god exists.  No matter how much you want to believe, no judgment awaits you upon death.  Afterlife judgment is a human projection of justice in the next world.


The Holy Bible is silly to a mature mind, any person in high love resonance will instantly see it for what it is – a fearful construct of superstitious minds.   If a mere mortal can transcend judgment then it is obvious that the judgmental god construct is not true. In fact none of this need for atonement and salvation holds up once the anger falls away, the Jew god is a monster because the Jew is a monster.

time-has-run-out FOR RABBIS

The Jew is finished because the Jew monster God is finished.  Combine a population of knowledgable humans with increasing vibration and information moving at the speed of light on the internet, humanity is not only awakening in the Matrix of codified Jewish law, they are trance ending the control grid.


Jews are not divine, they are monsters, and proof of this is everyday news.  Jews are warring tribal of racist supremacists who do despicable deeds everyday based on their story.  They are not invincible, they are actually teetering on collapse because their understory has been completely overturned by science and archeology.

how can a religion as sick as this surivive the modern age

No such thing as Jews, no such thing as the Jew god, no Adam and Eve and the Jewish imposed perversion of Adam and Steve is not selling in Peoria.  Jews are finished because information is going viral, all information including the story of the Jews.  Jews are perverts, just read the headlines.


Wandering who?  Who are the real Jews?  When the world discovers that Zionist philosophy the same as Judaic philosophy, Judaism will be outlawed and Israel destroyed.  No one is smiling at Israeli deeds unless they are possessed by a sick and twisted mind. Netanyahu is now viewed by the world as a monster, yet his consciousness is centrist in Israel.

The Judaic religion exposed by the Jew only state.  Israeli is so off the beam with modern consciousness that even fundamentalist Christians are starting to take note.  Israel is hell, not some divine state of “god”.  Israel is hell, how does that match the Holy Bible?


No greater example of why the Jews must be eliminated is the Holocaust Myth.  It didn’t happen, it is defamation against Germans.  The Holocaust is such a huge sickening lie that when the world wakes up to it, whatever sympathy is left will evaporate like the paint on the synagogue near ground zero when the nukes are lit off on the holy chosen ones.


The Holocaust didn’t happen, HIS STORY ABOUT JEWS BEING GASSED IS PURE BULLSHIT, and if the Jew lies about the what happened in the work camps, why the hell would you believe any of their holy book?  The Holocaust is a lie just like the Holy Bible and the divinity of the Jew.  The Jew isn’t special, the Jew is an arrogant parasite in need of termination.

What the Jew needs is what the Jew claims happened to him.  No one needs this predator race tearing up the planet with lies and subterfuge, false flags and insane wars of domination.  The Jews need a real Holocaust because the rest of humanity is drowning in a river of blood from the hundreds of millions being murdered by states controlled by Jews.


We are not only at the end of history, we are at the end of the line of what we call Jews.  There are no chosen ones, there is no special race, no one is better in the eyes of god.  The idea of chosen ones instilled in your mind by the holy story book is nothing but paper bound lies.

no chosen ones jews are liars

When the world finally wakes up to Jewish evil in the name of Yahweh, the world will put down the Jew like an animal control officer putting down a mad dog.  Israel no holy land, but a Jewish kennel of misbehaving bipedal anthropoids stuck in primitive ego and self choseness.  Jews are not special, they are a tribe of criminals masquerading as divine, camouflaged by their book.

If the Jew actually wants to live up to their divinity claim then they would have to remove all ego from their false persona and embrace love and all of humanity.  But they will not because their egos are trapped in the Jewish narrative of victimhood.  So they will continue to hurt and destroy the other until the world has had enough and does something to stop their Ape behavior.


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