Alex Jones debates David Duke and history is made.  Who now can doubt that Alex Jones is a shill of Jewish political power, the most popular conspiracy talk show host can’t even mention the name of the real conspirators. This isn’t a slight oversight, Alex Jones is brilliant, he knows exactly who runs the show, and what he is doing is criminal.

Ryan Dawson details the bullshit spewing out of the Jonestein Studio, pay close attention to the diffusing memes thrown in your face like “the true group that is intermingling”, “masonic secret societies”, etc.

alex-jones-chasing-ghosts NEW MEME INTERMINGLERS

This is classic Jones subterfuge, never saying it’s Jews even when talking about Jews, it’s always something more hidden, some nefarious secretive group in a shadowy background that can’t be pinned.

Melon Head Jones and Jewish boss argue with Dr. Duke

No one can doubt that Alex Jones is Jewish mole – a disinfo warrior, a bully, a pitbull of Jewish political power.  Jones is a sellout to Israel, he is selling you down the river by censoring the Jewish role in the destruction of America.  What do you call a person that sell out our nation during its greatest crisis?  A traitor.


The Daily Slave summarizes the interview:

It was total intellectual domination from start to finish by Dr. Duke.  Jones continued to perform all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify his stance that Jewish tribalism and supremacy are not a root cause of the many problems we have.  A stance that was simply impossible to maintain in light of the information that Dr. Duke provided him.  It left him completely discredited.  A caller from Germany who appeared to be a fan of Jones even criticized him for being politically correct.

At one point in the interview Alex says “All I hear out of people is Jew, Jew, Jews”  mocking David Duke and his callers who call him on the carpet for his obvious oversight about Jewish power.


We all know it’s Jews, Alex Jones knows it Jews, but being the paid whore of Zion makes fun of saying the truth.  What can you say about a man who consciously sells out his nation to a foreign power?  Alex Jones is a traitor like Judas.  The American people need to know the absolute truth, and Alex Jones absolutely refuses to tell them.


Alex Jones talks some truth, but that is how good propaganda is made.  He might help expose the Global Warming/Climate Change fraud, but he doesn’t dare touch the Holocaust or that Israel did 911.  The listeners hear some truth and trust him, but he is not telling the whole truth.  Jonestown is playing a deadly game, pretending to be a great patriot, he is exactly the opposite, he is selling out his own for personal gain of fame and fortune.

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Not telling the truth at this point in history is going to get a lot of people killed.  Alex Jones is helping create the massacre of the American people, he isn’t telling you who is organized against the America and is taking her down, he is obfuscating the true conspirators which gives them cover to implement their deadly plans of destroying America and liberty.

Freedom is important and to keep it we must always say the truth, regardless of the consequences.  Real truth tellers don’t hold back.  I don’t, and I never will hold back.  If I think it’s the Jews I say it’s the Jews, not because I hate Jews, but because that is the truth.  So who are you going to trust?  The unpaid truth telling writer or the Jew whore Alex Jones?

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