The Jew does not like to lose, and with Caesar Putin’s entry into Levant the Jew dream of a superstate has been squashed like a cockroach under the boot of paratrooper.   Just about all the real estate north of the Golan Heights is now off limits to any US-Israeli jets. Netanyahu must be mad as hell, Obama sobbing in the arms of his dear wife Michael.

putin as the russian bear - causes politicicans to chew ties

Immediately the Jew reacts on his hurt feelings and launches air raids into Gaza and takes out a hospital in Afghanistan killing many.  The upset Jewish Supremacist ego is like a 3 year old having a temper tantrum.  The world is starting to see Israeli’s depraved policies in a new light, the world is starting to voice opposition the Gaza genocide, sympathy for the Jew is waning.


What Satanyahu needs is the United States to enter the war and he needs to draw out the bear – he needs bait, like the human bait located in Gaza.  As Israel collapses inward and world public opinion damns world Jewry, the insane Jew will now use the Palestinians as hostages. Yes, Palestinians are hostages, they are not free to leave.

Why Don’t Palestinians Just Leave Gaza? They Can’t.

Why not let Palestinians flee Gaza by foot, wheels or aircraft?  Why is Israel holding the Gazans captive refusing them right of passage, allowing them to flee for their lives?  Why does the Jew feel the need to hold 1.834 million people hostage instead of just letting them go?  Ten million Syrians are fleeing and the world is managing those refugees. Why doesn’t the West step in and manage the Palestinian relocation?  After all Obama is letting 100,000 Syrians into the United States.


Satanyahu can’t attack Russia directly so the plan is to provoke the Russian Bear by the most outrageous method imaginable – the extermination of the Palestinian people in Gaza with Russia next door in Syria and unable to respond because of US military presence.  Expect the anti-christ Netanyahu to start systematically leveling the rest of the Gaza strip killing every living thing Old Testament style.

Does Netanyahu Intend Full-Scale War on Palestine?

The world is shocked by the depravity of Israel, they don’t understand the level of depravity of the Jew.  For instance, the Jew is willing to jail you for questioning the Holocaust, which never happened – no gas chambers or program of extermination – yet is busy exterminating the Palestinians who had nothing to do with Nazi Germany.

Inside the heart of hearts of the Jew Neanderthal is a raping ape, they are supremacists that will do anything to remain supreme – including their own collective suicide just like Masada.  The last stand at Masada  is taught as official Jewish mythos – every Israeli schoolkid makes pilgrimage to the Jewish last stand against a superior mind and force – the Roman army.

masada complex indoctrination

The Jew is completely insane, yet the world doesn’t see it.  Why, how can that be?  Why is it the world is completely unable to process or accept what the Israelis are doing?  There is only one reason, the world is in denial because of the Holy Bible mind spell.  Westerners are completely unable to confront their religious indoctrination and the Bible spell memes which occupy their brain space.

Proof is the Jewish insanity is Bible text.  Proof of Jewish insanity is their god Yahweh construct.  Proof of Jewish insanity is the Holocaust myth.  Proof of Jewish insanity is the 911 false flag.  As these deceptions are overturned the Jew will have painted himself in a karmic corner.  Where will Israel be when the political leadership of the United States finally comes to grip with 911?

ISIS and holy bible propaganda

So gone is the Western mind that normal practices like Jewish prayer rituals at the Wailing Wall are not looked on with disdain or disgust but with reverence.  The normal practice of sexually humping the Wailing Wall while praying to Yahweh is accepted as normality.  Who air humps while praying to God?  Jew.

The Holy Bible is held dear and literal by millions is the real center of the insanity.  The Jew is insane because he believes his holy book of tall tales of whales swallowing people, talking snakes, the Red Sea parting, wrath of God turning people in salt.  Bible text is literary proof of Jewish insanity because we know that supernatural things like a man who walked on water can not be true – no one can walk on water – no one can violate the laws of physics.  How can men believe such ridiculous claims?  The power of myth – the human mind is susceptible to mythos.


Believing in Jewish myth while the Jew tears up the world is insanity. We must do something and those that do are the gods amongst us – those who act fearless in the face of Jewish sponsored terror, and we have one man who is acting in a moral and positive way while the rest of the world does nothing, Vladimir Putin. Men who take action are the greatest amongst us.

Intercepted ISIS comms show ‘growing panic’ after Russian airstrikes – combat report

Putin is wiping out the Jew proxy terror army while the rest of the world cowers in fear of Netanyahu and the United States.  Putin must not believe the superiority of the Jew, nor the preeminance of the one remaining superpower.  He is acting heroically, why doesn’t the rest of the world fall in line?  How can the entire world be possessed by the Jewish narrative?

What are you going to do?  Sit there and read the Holy Bible – looking for prophetic answers or are you going to do something positive to end the crisis in Gaza?  We can win if we regain control of our minds and leave the terrible mental darkness of the Jewish holy book.


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