Insane Amerika Got a Jew Problem


bush clinton presidential election 2016 choice man hangs himself

Over at, an article appeared asking the rhetorical question if America has lost it’s mind.  Let me tell you Amerika has definitely lost it’s mind.  But not even Russia Today will ever tell you the real reason why, in fact almost no one dares tell you the truth why Amerika and the rest of the Western world is approaching the pure psychotic madness of the Rabbinic class.


Now this article is about the mass doping of the average American, with antipsychotics, but I am here to tell you that is only a band-aid on a much deeper problem that can’t be solved with drugs.

American Psycho: Has the United States lost its collective mind?

“Before attempting to shed some light on America’s mental condition, let’s open with a pop quiz question: What is the top-selling prescription drug in the US? Nope, it’s not Viagra, not Prozac, forget the Percocet. If you don’t know, take a peek in the medicine cabinet because there’s a high chance it’s lurking in there, right behind that purple people eater. Yes, you got it. The top-selling drug in the Land of the Free and Disturbed is an antipsychotic, happily named Abilify.

Once again: The top-selling drug in America is an antipsychotic. Now some might say that’s mental.”

Russians damn well know what the problem is because it was 450 American Jews from Upstate New York that went over to Russia and pulled the Bolshevik Revolution.  Yeah, Americans fucked Russia over a hundred years ago.  But it really wasn’t Americans was it?  It was Jews that fucked Russia over just like it is Jews who fucked Ukraine and Syria over – two big messes that Russia has to clean up.


What Russia needs to know there are two Americas, there is old school America – free loving America of hard work and thrift, inventiveness and positive spirit then there is this need Jewish breed Amerika – the despotic police state.  These two polar opposite Americas are about to go at it – because I can tell you that free America has had it with the mother fucking Jews and their police state mental illness.


We are sick of the wars, we are sick of the gun happy cops shooting us, we are sick of the currency debasement, we are sick of the Jewish television debauchery, we are sick of watching elections where all of the political candidates fawn over fucking Israel. Like who gives a rat’s ass about that little shit sandbox of Khazarian demon pigs anyways?

Actually, I like to watch the American presidential candidate debate, it is like the noir comedy hour, where every candidate tries to curry favor with Jews who got the money they need to win the election. “Pick me, pick me, I am your whore” they scream. JEW-MEDIA-WHORING-AMERICA-PROOF OF AMERICAN INSANITYate

“I’ll bomb Russia if I’m elected” they all yell trying to outdo each other.  Yeah that is right, the biggest psychotic lunatic is the one who will get Zionist Super Jew Sheldon Adelson’s money.

Notice they don’t talk about anything that matters like the Jewish ownership of the Federal Reserve or who did 911 and why, or rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure – no they only talk about what Mr. Jew wants – which is war with Russia – especially now that Putin just stomped on Netanyahu’s face.

Russian President Vladimir Putin smiles as he visits a swimming pool at Kurkino, one of huge sites on the northern fringes of Moscow, where a neighbourhood of state-sponsored budget apartment blocks are being built, June 5, 2007. Putin made clear on Tuesday he wants to keep in job popular Moscow mayor, whose support is vital in the presidential polls next year, well after Yuri Luzhkov's term runs out in December. REUTERS/RIA Novosti/Kremlin (RUSSIA) - RTR1QI1T

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