Jews Live Inside a Matrix of Their Own Lies



The Jews are a race of pathological liars, and proof is on the Jewtube every night.  What the Jew says about reality and what is real are two completely different animals, often polar opposites.  This phenomenon of Jews living within lies is critical to understand the nature of the Jews – they are not you and they do not think or behave like you.


For instance the Jew says Muslims did 911.  That is untrue, there were no Muslims involved whatsoever in 911 and you should be able to figure that based on the fact that the towers came down by controlled demolitions.  Israel did 911 and the Jews in New York City covered it up – but no Jew and few Christians in the heartland will admit it.

911 is a perfect example of how Jewish fantasy is exactly the opposite of actual reality and why it can be perpetuated.  The Jew says the worst terrorist event in history is caused by radical Muslims when in fact the real radicals on the planet are the Zionists – insane supremacist Jews reaching for global hegemony, and anyone with a logical mind can now see that after the ISIS scam was busted.

Because of the incessant lying nature of the Jews, they hate truth tellers or anyone that exposes their patently absurd lies.  But be sure to understand that the intense Jewish emotional hostility toward the truth is not because they know the lie vs the truth – not at all – the Jew actually believes his lies as truth!

Some Jews and Christians may know the truth but they are not comfortable in the truth, the truth makes them nervous – but most do not know the difference and don’t care only feeling comfortable in the power of the lie.






Why is this understanding important?  The Jews control everything and they are a race of pathological liars unable to distinguish their self-created fictional realm from the reality of the natural world.  In other words a world run by Jews will be a disaster because of how they think and vibrate.  The Jew doesn’t like Nature or it’s frequency and thus insulates himself from the natural world and wages war against it.


Let me give you an important example of this in real life and how it could ruin your whole day.  Jews are in control of the Social Security Administration, there is no trust fund for your retirement because Jews running the Treasury Department borrowed this money and Jews in the Jewish Bush-Clinton-Obama Administrations squandered it on the Iraq era wars based on the fiction of Muslims doing 911.

So if the United States is bankrupt from the wars, running a rapidly increasing annual deficit and the Treasury Department is borrowing from Social Security then how is it the retirees are going to be paid?  Well, have no worries, those ‘smart’ Jews are in charge will think of something.  LOL

In other words you are screwed, your payments into the SSA are long gone because of the illogical policies of a Jewish run state.  In other countries, the retirement fund is carefully managed to make sure there is money to fund the retirees, but not in insane Jew run Amerika.  The Jew doesn’t care if your retirement money is gone, the Jew will just make up new lies and play the victim when found out.  And if you protest the Jew will have his newly created Department of Jewish Security kill or persecute you.


What you must realize the Jew is insane and has always been insane.  We are being illogical to let these tribal loons run your government or handle your retirement trust money.  In the future, when thing get so bad and Jew is routed out of state, be sure to make laws banning them from ever holding any office or government job.

We can go way back into time to see this Jewish mentality in action, for instance in 66 A.D. the Jewish Zealots revolted against Rome when any sane person knew that was suicidal.  Rome was superior in every way, revolting against Rome was sure death.  Rome had better organization, money, equipment and military power.  Plus they had superior will, but the zealous Jew revolted anyways convinced of his superior status because of his imagined relationship with God.

The deluded chosenites revolted anyways because the self chosen Jew chose to believe his own lies.  Understand what is going on here, no god ever chose one group, no god ever wrote a contract with a certain tribe.  But the Jews believed these whopping ass Rabbinic lies as if they were the words of the Lord Almighty.

When the Messianic Zealots holed up in Jerusalem they immediately got in a fight with moderate Jews then put all the moderates to death.  You heard that right, the Jew is so completely insane that when the Jews took their last stand against Rome in fortress Jerusalem they killed off half of their own!  This fratricide only weakened an inferior force and thus insured their own defeat.

the wtc attack is proof of jewish insanity

Now you must wondered why any group would act this way.  The answer evades the Christian apologists caught in the Jew spell, but to an outsider it is plain as day obvious.  The Jew believes his holy text as reality then acts if that holy text is real. The Christian can’t comprehend what the Jew is doing because the Christian is playing the same game – acting on the Jesus belief as if he is real.

That might work within the Jews themselves but it doesn’t work at all when a superior military force has it’s own beliefs that doesn’t include Jewish supremacy beliefs.  The Roman soldier didn’t believe the Jew to be special and had no problem running the Hebrew through with his gladius sword or crucifying the holy ones on trees outside the walls.

What is America going to do to these crazy Jews when it collectively realizes that Israel did 911?  The attack on the World Trade Center is exactly like the Zealot revolt against Rome in 66 A.D.  The Jew thinks he can win with his false flag treachery, but America, like Rome is undefeatable because it is so big and can absorb terrorist attacks easily.

Another example of Jewish insanity is the 6 million number.  Jews exaggerate and lie in their holy texts, if 2,000 Jews die in a battle the Rabbi might write it up as 20,000 deaths.  After all the holy Torah is Jewish propaganda, thus if you lose a battle you exaggerate the death to build sympathy for the cause.


Likewise the 6,000,000 number is pure propaganda when it was written.  When some zealous Rabbi was making entries in the Babylonian Talmud he invented a burnt offering number for the return of the diaspora to Palestine, instead of writing up a reasonable number like 6,000 Jews, the Rabbi makes up a whopper number of 6 million when at the time of the writing there wasn’t even 6 million Jews on the planet!

John “Birdman” Bryant explains in History & Scriptural Origin of the Six Million Number

[Quote 1] Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” before the state of Israel can be formed. “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in “burning ovens”, which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates. As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: “. . . without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.” A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the “burning ovens” (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophecies have now been “fulfilled” and Israel can become a “legitimate state”.

Thus the 6 million number was birthed and it became the new Jewish reality.  Six million was never a real number or even prophecy, it was programming, a thought form the Rabbi wished to create.  Before and after World War 2 the Jew throws this 6 million number and lies about it.


The claim that 6 million Jews died is total bullshit – the real number was about 280,000.  But the Jew expects you to believe his lies even though the claimed death toll is far to high and no gas chambers existed and the Nazis had no program of extermination.  The deaths were documented by the Red Cross and they were from starvation and disease due to the end of the war conditions.

Regardless of the facts the Jew becomes very uncomfortable if you do not agree with his lie no different than the Christian who becomes ego offended if you do not agree with his Jew Zeus belief.  The Christian is a Judaized Gentile who is also comfortable in the Jewish matrix of lies and few Christians will ever challenge the Holocaust myth.  Jews and Christians are in the same boat navigating the same ocean of lies.


The insane Jew who lives in make-believe world then believes the World War 2 experience as fulfillment of prophecy!   The original lie was amplified when applied in Jewish literature and newspaper headlines, then this fake number was applied to WW2 Jewish deaths and claimed to be a fulfillment of prophecy when it was never prophecy in the first place!  The six million number was a fabricated tactical lie of the Rabbi, it was never anything else and for anyone to believe it is intellectual suicide.

The six million figure was a lie from start to finish and exists in the Jewish consciousness for thousands of years.  The Jews with their books can keep a lie going for a very long time.   Now you have proof of how the Jew lives in this make-believe realm – keeping lies going for a millennium, still believing in the promised land even though science has disproved the Genesis origin story.  The 6 million number is evidence of Jewish insanity – it’s not just a fake number or a lie, it is court admissible evidence that Jewry is insane.


One thought on “Jews Live Inside a Matrix of Their Own Lies

  1. JW

    Wow! You are really way down deep in the rabbit hole, aren’t you? By your writings, it’s pretty apparent that hatred rules your life. I don’t imagine that you will ever find your way out, but I’ll pray for you.

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