The Afterlife Delusion Driving the World into Total Madness



What if I told you no one knows what happens when we die and that our subconscious-DNA came up with a program called afterlife faith to keep us from freaking out when we awoke in the matrix?  What if I told you heaven is a mental illness of fearful creatures who gained conscious awareness during the act of evolving to higher consciousness?   What if I told you the idea of an external God was all wrong and was now threatening the existence of our specie?

striving for heaven is the mental illness of the Jew

What if heaven wasn’t real and god not out there, what would you do?  Freak out?  What if our specie was at another threshold of making another quantum jump in the conscious Universe?  What if we are about to learn that all our previous ideas about God, heaven afterlife were all wrong?

How did we arrive at this frightful juncture of the end times where the Jew Ape is running mad in the Middle East?  How can we still be stuck in archaic religions of the past when we are at a point where technology is running away so fast that we could go extinct when the singularity point is reached – when the machines we build gain self awareness?

“When did the idea of heaven collide with the evolving human bipedal Ape?  When those early ancestors brains reached a threshold of brain volume when they became self aware.  Humans are the only animal that ponders it’s own existence, it is the only specie that is aware of its existence.  At some point in our evolution it is logical to hypothesis that human self awareness drove the need for concepts of heaven and the afterlife.

Moores-Law-Over-200-Years-and we aren't evolving

“So at some point in time humans started contemplating their own existence, they postulated a creator based on the observation that humans make things, thus humans and the rest of everything were also created. That idea makes perfect sense to a pre-scientific mind.

As time went on, stories were told of our origin, gods were invented by creative minds.  Holy books were compiled with these stories of our origin, original ideas were expanded into stories of the gods, gods interacting with humans, gods that needed us to do something, gods that tested us, and recently, gods that want to have a relationship with us.

The Holy Bible says God took some mud and made the first man Adam, then he took one of his ribs and made the first woman Eve.  God talked to Adam, God forbade certain things of Adam, this first man disobeyed God and humans were cursed forever – cast out of the Garden of Eden, all because the first woman tempted the first man.

big-jewish-elephant-that can't be mentioned is proof that we aren't evolving

“The world was never created perfect without sin.  Humans imagined an omniscient creator who created a perfect world without sin until man ate from the Tree of Knowledge and then everything went to hell.  According to this logical precept, man has been declining since the Original Creation.

This captivating story is just a story, we now know factually that no such condition of a single man and single woman could of ever been the condition for our specie, we evolved in a gene pool of hominids.  No scientist or rational person believes the Adam and Eve story any longer, especially not since Charles Darwin and his idea of Natural Selection.  Humans evolved in a large gene pool.


“Darwin killed the creator hypothesis, animals were NOT made all at once, they were evolving on a tree of life, 99.9% had come and gone.  The earth was very old, billions of years old and humans are just the accumulation of millions of years of evolution.  Humans evolved from Ape ancestors, mice, fish, bacteria depending on how far back on the tree of life you wish to inquire.

That is an amazing discovery because when all holy books were written, human prejudice put our specie outside all other animals.  God made man separate from the rest of the animal kingdom.  Man was instructed to be fruitful and multiply and use these animals placed here for us.  Man was above the animal kingdom, not part of it.  According to the theist, man was devolving because of sin, not progressing upward as evolutionary theory has proved.

Now we know different, and we know exactly how closely we are related to all living things by DNA research.  Our genome is very close to Apes, we are evolving up, not down.  The Jew book was wrong again, the Jew’s ideas about the solar system were wrong, the Jew’s ideas about man’s place on earth were wrong.  The Jew got everything wrong, there is no need to believe in the Bible, it is really a book about installing Jewish supremacy into the Gentile mind, a masterpiece of Jewish supremacist doctrine.


What exactly is the Bible?  It is a book with a collection of writings that explains origin.  It is a book, a pre-scientific book, a book written by man, a collection of unproven memes. The problem with the Bible is how the memes were compiled.  None were proven, they were stacked one upon another, the Bible is a collection of myth memes, not factual understandings.

If you compile any book with unproven memes then it is virtually guaranteed to be wrong, especially a holy book where every meme must remain true for that book to remain valid.  One wrong verse in the Holy Bible is doom for it’s authenticity.  The Bible consists of thousands of memes, many contradict one another, many proven wrong.  The Bible is not a fact book, it is a myth book and because it was compiled without proof it virtually guaranteed to be wrong.

the belief in the error free bible is lunacy

Pope Urban VIII knew this that is why Galileo had to recant his view of the solar system.  One wrong meme and the book is disgraced, it is no longer the perfect book authored by God Almighty.  The Holy See was forced to protect the Catholic Church power structure which is based on a perfect book and teachings.

We now know that the Holy See was wrong and Galileo right.  How did Galileo know about the heliocentric solar system?  He used his newly invented telescope and was checking the theory of Copernicus with observations, when the two matched then it clicked, it became obvious, the big huge sun was the center of things even though it looks like the sun moves across the sky.


The original meme of a fixed earth and the sun moving across the sky dome was wrong.  The human observation of the sun movement, which is observably true, was not what was actually going on.  We got it wrong, like the flat earth, we got the solar system completely wrong.  So if we got that wrong what makes you think we got god right?

The Bible is a very old book based on these incorrect observations, and it certainly could of drawn fallacious conclusions about what happens when we die.  So if the Bible is wrong about the solar system and our origin, could be wrong about the afterlife?

gates of heaven illusion

Galileo proved the Church wrong, but he wasn’t he only one.  Jesus (author Josephus) proved the Old Testament theology wrong.  Darwin proved the Bible origin of specie wrong.  Hubble proved the Bible cosmology wrong.  Dawkins proved the god meme wrong.  Atwill proves the prevailing view of New Testament origin wrong.  So an objective mind might ask, what else is the Bible wrong about?

As we evolve, we make new discoveries, and the old explanations fall away.  One huge (new) discovery is learning that God is not external to self.  That realization changes everything.  If we are projecting the god from ourselves then we are the god we imagined.  What this means is that you can’t be separate from god and heaven is guaranteed for all.  What this means fighting your way into the gated Jewish community in heaven is no longer necessary.

In other words you don’t have to bow to Jewhovah or fight for the Jew to get right with God.  You are the god and the creator and the one, you are the everything and all the illusion of separateness from everything and god was all a grand illusion of a specie awakening in the matrix.

911-the-jews-had-me-fooled-about 911 - what about their holy book

3 thoughts on “The Afterlife Delusion Driving the World into Total Madness

  1. Tribes_NatureLaw

    I had two posts I was going to make on articles here and one on another site that is yours I believe. Before doing so though, I thought I left comment a few days ago, which isn’t shown. I see somewhat recent jew troll garbage comments being posted, yet the one (I think I) submitted, wasn’t. Would you inform me if you’re censoring or if it was otherwise missed. My email is with this post.

    • Tribes_NatureLaw

      Disregard, saw others went through fine.
      To add comment, the jeezus poison was forced, though it wouldn’t have been if more people fought with the refusers, which the jews labeled ‘heretics’ for refusing slavery to the jews. The ‘turn cheek be meek’ she-male ‘jeezus’ suicide by jew, is why hundreds of millions of people are dead, it’s how the jews claim we ‘owe’ jews trillions printing press ‘money’ they used to get weapons for themselves, it’s how they are now spraying us with heinous nano chip chemtrails and put their gwen towers and ‘smart grid’ everywhere. It is not for your benefit. Beside article above see also englishnews org jewish christianity page. They ripped away our nature gods to for jeezus slavery to jews. ‘govt’ itself is a con, jewishfaces com at archive org government page, thezog info, judicial inc blogspot ww2 bloodlines page. copy pages to disk, they won’t be around forever. The jews are anarchists, in a tribe, while others ‘obey’ slavery to jews. Their bogus ‘constitutions’ apply to no one. search “No Treason” Lysander Spooner, fourmilab has a copy. Natural anarchism and small tribes is what real life is, free from fraud ‘state’, bogus ‘money’ and threats by jews. It’s critical to make action, meet others, a good way is hand out paper notes with links and ‘copy pass on’ at the bottom. you can copy this post to reread and make notes with. also see

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