Do Jews Have Souls?



Most people assume that all people have souls, many people also think their pets have souls.  I do not assume I know anything about the soul except to think the soul is a meme being used to describe something we don’t fully understand.  If you try to nail the soul down with concrete descriptive terms it will be seen differently and prejudicially by each faith or belief system.  No one knows if we even have souls, and thus the reason why the soul is near impossible to describe because there’s no evidence to build a model.

do we have souls or is the soul just a concept

The soul has been defined as the essence of being human, a part of consciousness, the informational field of self, the personal energy field, the part of you that survives death, an aspect of God, etc.  The simple fact of not knowing what the soul actually is seems to escape everyone.  We have this cultural meme of the soul and no one has a clue to what the hell they are talking about.  Why aren’t we just one organic thing and not this tri-part being?

Look at yourself right now, do you see three things or one thing?  These questions about ourselves persist because we dodge true understanding. We don’t have definitive answers about souls, and we are not able to answer this important question of being because we are unable to quantify what the soul is.  No one person has ever been able to prove the soul, or explain why we are a three part being of body, mind, and soul.  Why are we not one thing I ask over and over?  Why aren’t we just a coherent human being?

That makes me wonder if the entire construct of body, mind, and soul is part and parcel a religious description assigned to us so that we can be controlled.  Religion, after all, is the ultimate hustle, where the human is scared out of their wits with demons, devils, eternal punishment, hell fires and the like – all creations of the priest to trick the believer into compliance with the priest.  The Holy Bible is the ultimate deception of the priest, the rabbi tricks the reader into obey his commands with the god meme.


If you ask any religious person of any stripe about the soul they will give you are knee jerk pre-canned response.  First of all, no one knows the real answer, and the zealot can only give you a verbatim repeat of what they’ve been programmed concerning the soul.  So if you ask a Christian what the soul is they will only repeat what taught.  They don’t know because no one knows, but they think they know.  This tendency to lie about what they don’t know is the Jewish disease, the Christian lives inside the same simulacrum of lying as the Jew.

If you look for any definitive answers to the soul question you will have to venture into Hinduism.  I think that most of the metaphysical concepts of Judaism concepts are actually pirated from the Sanatan Dharma (the old name of Hinduism).  The Jewish parasite lifted much of the Hindu metaphysical ideas then demonized the source religion, and the origin of the word SATAN is derived from the SAnaTAN dharma.  The reason obvious, the Jewish parasite first steals then dishonestly passes off Judaism as original and authentic, the Rabbis do not want you to know that their religion is an imposter constructed from Hinduism and thus personify and demonize the knowledge of the Sanatan Dharma.

Jewish Rabbis often claim that Gentiles do NOT have souls.  Is this accurate, are the Jews the sole owners of souls or is it the exact opposite?  We know that Jews lie about everything, we know for a fact that the Jew frequency is the exact opposite of the truth frequency.  If the Jew claims we don’t have souls we should immediately conclude the opposite and think that we have souls while the Jew does not.  Maybe the soul is just an aspect of personality, something we nurture and create with personality, the soul of a person only a vibrational quality.

But I tell you the correct answer is that we have no idea if anyone has a soul, or if the soul is a good thing.  Doesn’t this foreign entity of the soul that invades your body make you suspicious?  Don’t parasites invade their host’s bodies?  What if the soul is the force input of simulators of this animation?  Are not the Jews hijacking the soul’s intentions by overlaying their book code so that humanity become their slaves?  The Holy Bible is a weapon of the Jew to capture souls and turn them into willing slaves of Jewish power.


We know that the cultural meme of the soul is also directly associated with creativity.  The Jewish parasite lacks this aspect of creation and thus is regulated to a parasitic status.  Jews have been the eternal parasite amongst the Gentile host nations and the reason for this might be that they lack souls.  The obvious reverse psychology of the Jew claiming we don’t have souls is the soulless parasite making an aggressive statement to control the Goy.

Think about it, a creative person does not try to control others, a creative person is in the flow with their soul energy field, they are so busy with their life and expression of it that they wouldn’t even think of stealing someone elses work.  Now take typical Jewish behavior throughout the ages, the Jews being crafty, good with words and law, rob the Gentiles of their creative work, art, poetry, science, music compositions, patents, etc., etc.  We all know this to be true, we all know from personal experience how the Jew robs us blind.  The Jew has parasitic behavior because the Jew is cutoff from source.

jealous -jews-lie-because-they-are-uncomfortable-in-truth-frequency

Many Rabbis claim that the non Jews are soul less cattle to be exploited and killed.  But the fact is that it is the Jews who lack creativity and must parasitize on the host population – it is the Jew who lack this creative potential of the soul and thus the claim that we don’t have souls is just another Jewish inversion of reality.  Maybe we all have souls, perhaps the Gentile souls are creative while the Jewish soul less than fully developed or suppressed by belief in their hell god.

If you believe doing evil is the highest expression of the divine then your soul might flee, the soul being from a higher source simply can’t coexist in a Jewish demonic body, so the Jew lacks soul because of behavior and belief.  If true this could explain why the Jew has blood rituals to feed on Gentile souls.  The Jew might rape a male child to scare the soul out of the body so the Jew can feed on the soul energy.


I think the Hindu concept of the soul was hijacked by the evil tribe and turned into a weapon of the Jews.  The soul is a controlling meme of the Jew book, the Jew uses the soul concept to control the Gentiles, the soul is a meme being used by the evil Jews to control their creative brothers.  The idea that we lack souls while only the black-hearted Jew has the holy aspect in his heart is laughably insane.

Think how well the soul meme fits in a simulated reality, souls are eternal (from the mainframe), all souls are connected (they are all from the same computed source), souls are the only part of self that survives death which is very like a computer games of sims, the sim disappears but the code that created the sim remains on the hard drive.


If anyone lacks soul it is Jew.  If anyone is not fully human it is Jew.  If anyone is the farthest from source it is Jew.  If anyone needs spirituality it is Jew.  If anyone needs to find their creativity it is Jew.  If anyone needs to be saved from the wrathful god of the Torah it is Jew.  So does the Jew have soul?  I have no idea but I do know that the Jew is the ultimate threat to our specie and that the elimination of the Jew from planet earth is our only salvation.

body mind spirit idea supports simulation hypothesis


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