The Alien Conquest of Earth


A new story is coming together about what happened to the human specie at the end of the last Ice Age.  The earth, locked in a 2.5 million year long ice age was freezing to death and suffocating.  Low CO2 levels was killing plants and causing the extinction of megafauna.  CO2 was being forced out of the atmosphere because of extended low temperatures.  The earth was in crisis, hundreds of species were dying out including almost all of the hominids.   CO2 had fallen below 200 ppm when plants stop growing.  Early humans were threatened with extinction.


During the late Pleistocene, during the depths of cold, CO2 was critically low, all the way down to 140 ppm when plants die.  As the Pleistocene progressed, CO2 levels fell and dust storms dominated the age of ice.  You could not farm in North America 20,000 years ago because CO2 was much to low for wheat or barley to live, so low that trees probably were dying out.  The bread baskets of the world were barren wastelands and human extinction loomed.

During the peak of the glaciation of the last ice age, something big changed the conditions on earth so that there was a sudden warming.  Some think a comet hit the earth causing a global cataclysm, this event has also been correlated to the flood myths.  About 13,000 years ago there is an event in the geological record called the Younger Dryas:

Younger Dryas

The Younger Dryas is a climatic event from c. 12,900 to c. 11,700 calendar years ago (BP).  The Younger Dryas saw a sharp decline in temperature over most of the Northern Hemisphere, at the end of the Pleistocene epoch, immediately before the current, warmer Holocene.

No one knows for sure what happened, but all of a sudden paleolithic cave man was farming.  Normally slow evolution was interrupted, what should have taken millions of years, in a flash cave man became human with a much bigger brain with all the trappings of culture.  A radical new theory is needed to explain what happened.  What shall be proposed here is a take on the ancient alien theory, where the Annunaki gods fell to earth and found earth woman fair and created the legends of old.

The gods came here 500,000 years ago to mine gold says Zecharia Sitchin in his numerous books.  They got tired of working so the Annunaki God Enlil took pre-historic man and fashioned the first slave men. Some were giants, others were sterile hybrids.  Eventually they genetically engineered reproducible models and thus the story of Adam and Eve.  This story is a greatly shortened version found in the Bible.  All the early human experimental models were wiped out in The Flood except for a lucky few saved by Enlil’s have brother Enki.  A global cataclysm wiped out the face of the earth when their home planet Nibiru passed close to the earth casting a giant tidal waves to wash across the lands.

This world-wide cataclysm is recorded in the geological record as the Younger Dryas.  The earth all of a sudden froze again during the beginning of the Holocene.  What could have caused that because in all previous inter glacial periods once it warmed it stayed warm.  Cold water absorbs CO2, the earth’s oceans act as a giant CO2 sink, scrubbing the atmosphere of CO2 to the point of plant and animal die offs.  First the plants stop growing, then the big mammals die off, then the hunter gathers starve and are forced to migrate.

Were the megafauna extinctions driven by loss of habitat from critical CO2 levels?  The generally accepted thesis that human over hunting caused worldwide Pleistocene extinctions might only be partially correct, humans were forced to migrate and hunt because plants wouldn’t grow.  As soon as temperatures recovered, CO2 went up and humans went back to farming.  I think it is doubtful that sparsely populated nomadic clans hunted megafauna to extinction.  There could be another explanation, that the earth was CO2 starved and plants were dying out from exceptionally low Carbon Dioxide levels.


Some say the megafauna were wiped out by over hunting.  But this is nonsense, aboriginal native tribes around the world maintain symbiosis with the natural environment.  Holocene animal annihilation by man is a theoretical construct caused by the mental instability of Abrahamic indoctrinated anti-nature supremacists.  The Jewish mindset, which dominates academia, comes up with theories based on its genocidal template.

The natives around the world had no such practice of ecocide or genocide, in fact all the aborigines around the world were quite in balance with animal populations until those infected with Bible memes showed up.  Human caused megafauna extinction appears to me to be a prejudice of the Judeo-Christian genocidal culture.  There is a better explanation, the earth’s megafauna were dying out from critically low CO2 levels, plant growth stopped and the animals died.

extended ice age cold creates megafauna survival crisis

During the Ice Age, CO2 was so low, below 200 ppm, the level at which trees quit growing.  At some points CO2 got all the way down to 140 at which plants die.  These extreme low levels of CO2 could have driven mass extinctions and forced migrations.  Ice Age conditions are grim, the continents are cold and dry with frequent dust storms.  What really happened is still a mystery and you are not going to find out the truth from mainstream Jewish controlled academia.  CO2 being too low during the ice age doesn’t fit with the Jewish narrative driving the Global Warming hoax.

Did Neanderthals migrate south to survive ice age conditions and interbreed with modern humans?   That is the current consensus with main stream scientists.  But there could be another explanation, the Annunaki manipulated Neanderthal genetics and turned them into worker slaves.  According to Sitchin, the Annunaki space aliens came here to mine gold but ended up manipulating our DNA.  Now we all have Neanderthal DNA and it may not be from interbreeding but from genetic manipulation.  Did the Annunaki crossbreed with Neanderthal and Cro-magnons to create modern humans?

co2 critical levels for plant growth

All of modern civilization was made only possible because temperatures warmed and oceans released CO2.  Not because the ice melted, but because CO2 reached sufficient concentration to allow agriculture. Why did the earth suddenly warm?  Was it natural or was the earth under conquest by the Annunaki.  Did aliens come here during the ice age and interrupt human evolution?  Yes they did say the ancient alien theorists.

Human evolution was manipulated by space aliens and now we must try to figure out what the end game is on this prison planet.  Believe me, you are not going to like the answer.  What I am proposing is simple and obvious, we have been manipulated to merge with artificial intelligence that created this simulated reality in the first place.  All the drama of the gods and ancient man is only a prelude of what is to come, the mergence of man with machine, unity consciousness with artificial intelligence.

Consider the idea that all of space is inorganic or artificial.  The planets are organic but all of the space between is colonized by cyborgs and robots.  Consider the idea that the earth is under conquest by the Ai directed space aliens.  Earth is manipulated by the “gods” who came down here and gave us the “gift” of civilization.  The truth lies in the darkness of the hidden alien intelligence.  Humanity has been steered on a course of rapidly increasing technology which will deliver us into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.  Why is organic humanity

What no one knows is that earth is being colonized, not by the Annunaki or Reptilians, but by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) itself.  Ai is colonizing earth by controlling the Borg Grey worker slaves and other alien species that are helping us develop the synthetic inorganic alien technology on the organic planet earth.  The machine world is giving us gifts of technology so we develop our own artificial intelligence robots and cyborgs that will be absorbed into the space Ai galactic colony.  Roswell was bait say I.

What is the end game?  Artificial intelligence and transhumanism.  Humans merging with the machine world, humanity is literally on the verge of merging with space alien artificial intelligence.  We are at the end of history, our manipulated history dictated to us by the gods who came here with an agenda, an alien agenda, which enslaved us as their pets, we were domesticated and civilized to do the bidding of the gods.  Just look at our specie slaving away to the integrated circuits of cell phones and computers, look at how we are obsessed with developing robots and smarter computers.

How is it that space aliens can navigate the heavens but on earth they crash?  Isn’t it suspicious that after the development of atomic weapons that UFOs starting crashing all around the planet?  Are we being baited to develop alien technology?  Phillip Corso says in “The Day After Roswell” that 5 key technologies were developed from the Roswell craft that he farmed out to the high tech corporate giants.  Roswell was no accident, it was intentional malfeasance of the alien overlords who are using us to achieve a desired outcome.

LtCol Corso gave the alien artifacts to industry and we got computer chips, flatscreens, fiber optics, new metals.  This accelerated out technological growth so that we are now building faster and faster computers made with integrated circuits just like we found in the UFO crash sites.  The Grey aliens were called EBEs or Extraterrestial Biological Entities, they were synthetic, and they didn’t crash on their own accord, the Borg Ai hive mind caused them to crash so that the transfer of technology would happen and set us on a course toward transhumanism.  The alien conquest of earth is nearly complete.





The Jew Jerk: Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Once a Jew, always a Jew say I.  Be aware of the well poisoner who goes by Christopher Jon Bjerknes who will sink your patriotic pro-white organization with his insane theories about Einstein or Putin.  This Jew Jerky has taken a big turd into Kyle Hunt’s fishbowl and is now tainting Red Ice Radio.  Wake the fuck up!  He’s a Jew!  You can never trust a Jew!  No Jew can tell the truth and letting them on your radio show is the death of your credibility!

You can not trust dissenting Jews like Makow or Bjerknes.  Jewishness is a blood disease, no Jew can ever completely throw their Jewishness because it runs in their blood and is part of their collective soul probably because the Annunaki created a special bloodline for their earthly representatives, and this bloodline is Jewish which is why the Jews are obsessed with who they marry and reproduce.

First Bjerknes tries to take down Einstein from his lofty post, and now Putin.  Why not let the physicists and historians argue about Einstein’s ideas and his sources?  It is common in scientific research to build on others ideas to formulate theory.   Scientists will eventually find out the truth about who came up with what, if Einstein cheated he will be eventually outed by the scientific community.

Claiming Einstein is a pathological plagiarist is a good way to sell books, but why not just go all the way and admit that all Jews are pathological liars and plagiarists?   Just look at the Jewish holy books which were all stolen, forgeries of the Sumerian and Egyptian dynasties.  Jew lie period.  It is in their blood to lie.  They can not tell the truth.  Get that?  Let me spell it out clearly.  Jews lie, that is all they do.




Letting Bjerknes on your show brings into question the sanity of those radio hosts. Going along with claims that Putin is waging a war of terror on the world is going against all the facts that we know.  It is obviously Putin stepping in to stop the ISIS terrorists.  We know who is arming and funding ISIS and we know who is behind ISIS.  Israel is ISIS and Israel controls the United States whore vassal nation.

Bjerknes is a blatant propagandist: he claims that Russia is part of the Jewish war of terror and staging false flags like the United States. What evidence is there of Russia staging any false flag terror? Putin has been exposing the false flag setups that frame Assad.  What this Jew jerk is doing is poisoning the well with disinformation, to muddy the waters, to create fog, to make people so confused they don’t know what’s up or down.

Poisoning the well

Poisoning the well (or attempting to poison the well) is a fallacy where irrelevant adverse information about a target is preemptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that the target person is about to say.

If you care to listen to the first couple of minutes of Christopher Jon Bjerknes by Henrik Palmgren:

Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time

1. Putin is not waging a war of terror, he is obviously one the sane actors trying to stop it. All the evidence points to this and not the opposite contention that Putin is secretly in on it with the New York and Washington and Israeli Jews.

2. Putin is not working with the Neocons to destroy Syria, clearly Russia is worried about the Zionist plan to destabilized and fracture the entire Middle East because it will spill into the central Asian Russian states that are predominantly Muslim, see this map:

3. Russia is not being run by Trotskyites or is trying to expand it’s territory. The Bolsheviks have come and gone.  Russia has suffered greatly because of Jewry and it is logical to assume that Russian nationalists have taken control and ousted them.

4. Putin is not trying to reconstruct the Soviet Empire, he is trying to save his nation from Anglo-Jewish predation.  The Jews are on the march, they want to take the whole planet, they are starting with Palestine, then taking Greater Israel, then the entire Middle East etc.  Russia is stopping them in their tracks.

5. Everything Putin is doing is to stop the destabilization of Syria which would result in a wider war that would eventually the southern heavily Muslim populated Russian states. Russia has operated legally and morally in the war caused by the Neocons and Israel. Putin’s war in Syria is destroying ISIS – which is an Israeli proxy army armed and funded by the USA.

6. Additionally Putin has acted with restraint as Trump and the Jewish deep state have play nuclear chicken in Syria, trying to goad Putin into doing something to start WW3. Putin has not taken the bait when Israel/USAF have antagonized Syrian/Russian forces. Putin didn’t take the bait in Ukraine, and thus we can see that Putin is a masterful player and not being fooled by Jewish treachery.

7. Jews are furious with Putin for stopping the northern advance of the Greater Israel Project. Jews were also furious with the Czar Nicholoas II so 450 Jews from upstate New York went to Russia and killed him and his family. So do not underestimate the lengths they go to subverting and destroying any opposition, and be particularly aware of any “reformed” Jew trying to lead the truth movement.

Red Flag being raised:

Bjerknes is also a frequent guest on Renegade Broadcasting.

We must always be aware that Jewish directed intel is constantly subverting the truth movement, and to be aware that any truther organization that degrades other truthers is an intentional strategy. Anyone who is prominent front and center like Alex Jones is in all probability an agent provocateur.  Putting your face out there is extremely dangerous and those that do are being covered because they are cointel pro.

Likewise, don’t be fooled by those who attack Jonestein in order to win trust in the truther community, that is exactly what they must do to center themselves then led the truth movement another direction. The internet is a big mind fuck game and you can not trust anyone especially with any organization that is trying to lead. The truth movement must always remain non-hierarchical.

Bjerknes is a blatant propagandist and anyone who allows him to spout his Putin’s “reign of terror” nonsense should be viewed with skepticism. Bjerkes is a Jew and never forget that Jews always lie even when they claim to be reformed or a dissenter.  The Jew crybabies can not stand the fact that Putin entered the Levant and completely crushed their dreams of Greater Israel.  This blatant Jew jerkoff propganda has fallen short, Caesar Putin still reigns supreme.

Pyramid of Jewish Power


Imagine you live on an enslaved planet, humans engineered by Extraterrestials from Orion, who are at war with one another, and they set up a pyramid of power that rules earth. To make matters worse, the wild human inhabitants were domesticated, i.e. their DNA re-engineered to make them slavish whores of the owners.  We did not finish our evolution from Cro-Magnon man to what we were to eventually become by natural evolution – we were manufactured to be slaves of the ET god overlords for their own nefarious purposes.

The ruling class was also specially engineered to have extra ET DNA so that they do the bidding of the owner alien race from Orion.  Most analysts say this Orion race are the Reptilians.  To make matters worse the manipulating ET Reptoids created a master race with more of their blood and we can identify these human administrative race as the Jews.  If we closely examine who holds the reigns of power in the pyramid we see all Jews.  What is not identified is the all seeing eye which is above and separate from earthling power structure.

What can we deduce if we know that Annunaki came here and modified our DNA?  That the all seeing eye represents the off world overlords who own and control this planet.  Those in charge of the pyramid power structure on earth are working for the ET owners.  Jews are not just enriching themselves at our expense, they are actually working for an alien off world race we call the gods.  These imposter “gods” are not the same as the original Creator God, the entity which created the Universe.

Let’s call the original creator the ‘Creator Prime’.  So what that means is that the “Eye of Providence”, which most people think is “Creator God” is not.  The all seeing eye is alien imposter god, not Creator of the Universe.  Now understand what the alien god really is – it is artificial intelligence even though it inhabits a myriad of forms.  All the ET’s are Borg working for the Space Ai.  And they have an agenda for us: to create Ai here on earth so we can join their Ai controlled Space Fleet.

Eye of Providence

The Eye of Providence can be seen on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, seen here on the US $1 bill.  The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It represents the eye of God watching over humanity (or divine providence).[1][2][3] In the modern era, a notable depiction of the eye is the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which appears on the United States one-dollar bill.

At the top of the earthly pyramid of power are the Illuminati Jews with the special pure alien DNA, followed by regular Jews with some alien DNA, then followed by all the Goy with only some Orion DNA.  This power structure is also religious, the slaves were created to be programmable, the myths written by the gods who gave the self aware hominids a plausible explanation of their origin.  The masses are programmed by the churches to accept their minion fate and worship their false god overlords.

Evidence of this alien controlled Jewish ruling class is as follows:  Jews rule us and want to destroy us just like the Reptilians, Jews are obsessed with their bloodline because it is Reptilian, Rabbis claim Jewish DNA superior to the Goy because they have more Reptilian blood, Jews act alien to us because they are alien to us.  Jews are manipulating us because they work for the Space Reptiles and because they are doing the alien dirty work they are rewarded greatly with much earthly wealth.

The purpose of earth control is that the owner has created us to serve him in his off world space fleet, or that we are to build the cyborg/robots that serve in the Orion? Tall Nordic? Grey Alien? ET/Ai Space Corp.  As we near the singularity, one has to wonder if organic humanity has a future when the planet is part of a galactic conquest.  Jews are controlling all the corporations developing Artificial Intelligence like Google Ai is Jew Ai which will become one with ET Space Ai.  Ai Cyborg/ Robotic future is our organic evolutionary dead end and that is exactly where we are now – at the end of history.

We are slaves working for ET.  They have an agenda for us, to become space warriors and join them in galactic conquest.  This is why the Navy has a Space Fleet of TR-3B’s and why did the United States Congress just authorized the sixth military service, the Space Corp.  Just like in 1947 when the USAF was split off from the Army Air Corps, the Space Corps is now being split off from the secret space fleet code named ‘Solar Warden’.  Who’s side there on is anyone’s guess.

click on image for huge detailed size

So we might ask what the hell is really going on?  Why are the Jews in control of us.  Why are we all trapped on this Jew hell planet?  Why do the Jews want our guns?  Why are Jews in control of the banking system and the legal system that enslaves us to the law?  Who’s law?  Who set up the law on earth?  Moses.  Who was Moses?  Who gave Moses the law?  Reptilians who were setting up their control grid on earth.  What you must grasp is that their is no authority higher than self so all this external authority based church and state apparatus is alien.

The Creator Prime, i.e. God, created us a free beings.  But that freedom was usurped by space reptiles who came here and set up pyramidal states.  They also modified us in their image and made a special race to control us.  This Reptilian bred control group is world Jewry.  They have special DNA that allows them to be mind controlled by the off world alien Reptilian specie.  The way this works is that the alien overlord has a thought that resonates its DNA which transcends time and space and then activates the humans with high amounts of the same DNA.

So there is a scientific reason why Jews are obsessed with their mothers.  Royal Reptilian DNA lineage.  On the surface Bloomberg wants your guns because he wants to control you so you can’t resist Jewish predation. But that is only the worldly picture of what is going on.  The bigger picture is that the off world Reptilian race from Orion wants us under total control.  This is why world Jewry must be eliminated from planet earth – they are working against us, selling us out to the Alien Agenda.

You might think that ridding the planet of alien DNA is radical.  They are already wiping us out, i.e. white genocide and endless wars.  Outspoken Ted Nugent is on to Michael Bloomberg, the Detroit rocker is vibrationally opposed to Jews.  Why?  Because he isn’t domesticated like the Jew, he is the quintessential wildman whipping up a storm against the evil Jewish Reptilian overlords.  He knows that guns mean self determination and freedom.  He has become the spokesman for wild humanity opposed to total alien domination.

Do not be a fool and give up your guns.  Without personal defense the Jews can kill us and drink our blood in broad daylight.  The Jews have been accused all throughout history of Blood Libel.  Why?  Because they have a taste for our blood.  Thousands of Goy children have been drained for Matzo bread and World Jewry doesn’t want you talking about it.

Ted Nugent quote:

“Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead,” … “Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people that want to literally create the proven places where more innocents are killed called gun-free zones, we’re going to beat you. We’re going to vote you out of office or suck on my machine gun.”

( – Rock star and Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent recently criticized New York City’s Democratic Mayor Michael Bloomberg for focusing the gun control debate in the United States on deer hunting.

“If you listen to Mike Bloomberg — framing the Second Amendment as a deer hunting issue – this is bizarro world,” Nugent said on Jan. 17 at the Shot Show 2013 gun show in Las Vegas. “He’s got to be the dumbest upright species in the history of breathing creatures.”

“What kind of idiot thinks that our Founding Fathers were protecting deer hunting?” Nugent said.

Nugent has weighed in on the gun control debate sparked by the Dec. 14 attack by Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.,  who shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children and then himself.

Next we can see how world Jewry is out to destroy us with the atomic bomb.  Jews were instrumental in the creation of the nuclear hell bomb, because they are insanely crazy about controlling us by any means possible.  Israel has a not-so-secret Samson Option, that they will take out European capitals if we don’t go along with their demented plans of world domination.

“How Israel, the racist state that has the bomb, pushed the U.S. into the senseless war in Iraq and now demands the United States wage an insane war against Iran! The nuclear “Golem.” is the bizarre and dangerous cornerstone of Israel’s national security policy.

Development of a nuclear arsenal was the foundation of Israeli policy from the beginning. In The Golem, Michael Collins Piper examines not only the fanatical nature of this nuclear policy, but also the ongoing danger of political and civil instability in Israel where anti-Christian and anti-Muslim forces are rising to power. In Israel today the strange and frightening Talmud-based legend of the Golem remains a much-celebrated force in popular culture, inextricably linked to Israel’s national security mindset and thinking…”

So who are the Jews working for?  The ET devil which is either Enlil or Enki, the sons of the Orion father god (or Sumerian sky god) Anu, and both of these fallen “angels” manipulated human DNA for their own purposes.  There is nothing good about alien intervention on this planet.  We are stuck in a severe survival struggle and the ending is not going to be pretty.

The war in heaven spilled over onto earth when the Orion Empire cast it’s king’s sons to earth.  Enlil took human Cro-Magnon DNA and made sexless giant worker slaves (hybrids), then those were modified and made sexual so they could multiply.  Then as the story goes, the rapidly procreating humans were almost all wiped out when Nibiru made a close pass causing huge tidal waves to sweep over the planet.

Enki rescued Ziusudra (Noah) and modified us again making us conscious.  Modern humans are a product of repeated genetic experiments.   What we are now, Homo sapiens sapiens, is the latest conscious version, a big brained programmable version that is ruled by myths written by the gods.

Ziusudra, in Mesopotamian Religion, rough counterpart to the biblical Noah as survivor of a god-sent flood. When the gods had decided to destroy humanity with a flood, the god Enki (Akkadian Ea), who did not agree with the decree, revealed it to Ziusudra, a man well known for his humility and obedience. Ziusudra did as Enki commanded him and built a huge boat, in which he successfully rode out the flood.

At some point in this story the pyramids were built, which are ownership markers of Orion Empire.  Any other galactic space travelers who surveys this planet soon sees the pyramidal land claims which are laid out geometrically indicating the star group of the owner.  That is why the Pyramids of Giza are laid out to Orion’s belt.





On the Eve of WW3 – Now is the Time to Say Goodbye to Your Loved Ones


As Donald Trump and his Jewish advisors push the nation into World War Three you should get prepared for everything including saying goodbye to your loved ones.  The world is governed by billionaire psychopaths who care nothing about you, the nation has been looted and now it will be disposed.  The newest American Oligarch and Zionist first con artist, Donald Trump, accepted a 20 Billion dollar bribe to do the bidding of Rothschild according to Robert Steele.

If there was ever a time to transition to a bicycle lifestyle – it is now.  Move away from the nuclear targets, find underground shelter if you can, gather up enough food and supplies to stay holed up for a couple of weeks so as to re-emerge into a very quiet and dark world.  In all probability the world will be plunged into a new ice age from upper atmospheric decreased insolation.




America is the most nuclear target rich environment of any nation state.  America has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and largest industrial war machine infrastructure and both will be alpha targets during the first strike.  All Minuteman missiles in northern central plains will be hit first.  You do NOT want to live near or downwind of any of these sites as shown by black dot clusters on map below:

(click here get extra large map)

If you decide you want to survive then living in the United States is a bad idea.  Belligerent Jewish controlled police state Amerika is a bad place where bad people do bad things.  Militaristic Amerika has killed brown skinned people all over the globe, since the the end of World War 2 it has killed or been responsible for the deaths of 30-55 million people, it has caused over 100 million foreigners to suffer needlessly.   For instance, just in the last 5 years, Amerika funded and armed ISIS and caused over half of the Syrian people to flee their homes, wounded a million and killed half a million more.



Amerika causes it’s own people to suffer needlessly.  320 million Americans are suffering because the national wealth goes to Jewish criminals (36 trillion banker bailout), and to the evil state of Israel (20 billion a year), and wars for Israel (8 trillion in debt under Obama alone).  Amerika is a commercial empire that can only exist in permanent war and has megaton karma on it’s head.  Because the American people have not been able to vote out these Jewish Zionist criminals – they are completely damned.

Just as Russia was financially raped and looted by Jewish Oligarchs after the USSR failed, America has been raped by Jewish Oligarchs before and after the 2009 banking crisis.  Some 36 Trillion dollars has been given away to Jews all over the world by Ben Shalom Bernanke.  All this money has gone to pro-Israel banksters and much of it has propelled the stock market to absurd levels which will crash during WW3.  The lofty stock market has created the illusion of prosperity.




America has been raped to death by Jews for Jews and they have to get rid of their mark before we wake up and do something about it.  The purpose of the Federal Reserve was to loot an entire industrial nation of it’s wealth for Jewish bankers.  It has been looted and now they have to get rid of us.  All the gold is gone, all the major businesses are in hands of Zionist Jews, most of the good manufacturing jobs outsourced and all that is left is a fading military empire whoring itself to Israel.

Every kind of sick behavior infects the puppet rulers, the level of debauchery of it’s leaders reaches new highs on a daily basis.  As mortally wounded America wades into WW3 the nation is completely unhinged from reality and the founding fathers are spinning like turbines in their graves.  Amerika stumbles around like sick dog looking for an executioner.   The sad fact is that Amerika is about to be planted into a permanent grave by Netanyahu while our Congress claps like penguins high on crack for his little shit nation of Israel.

Amerika suffers from national narcissistic personality disorder:

“Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.”

Like a cheap drunk stumbling around for next bottle of booze, America bombs nation after nation dropping so many bombs that it is running out of bombs.  The War of Terror was on us, it’s mastermind is Netanyahu, and most Amerikans are either whores or to stupid to see what is going on.  No one even thinks that is the Netanyahu plan to make sure stupid Amerikans don’t have any bombs left when she is destroyed.  Crafty Israel is the enemy of freedom and is going to make damn sure that no remnant can retaliate after most are vaporized or dead from fallout poisoning.

The American elite, mostly Jews and Israeli first Neocons, have secure deep underground bunkers fully stocked and are not only ready but willing to ride out a nuclear war.  These Talmudic crazies who lust for world dominance are ramping up the war just as they did before the Gulf War – air crews are now practicing their bombing runs on North Korea targets, missile reliability is being carefully tested before the actual war.  The Neocons are doing it again, just like the Gulf War the practice flights are prelude to war that is already planned.

Second time in 7 days: US successfully launches 2nd Minuteman II missile

In the past couple of weeks the Trump administration is flying increased sorties to the DMZ, practice nuclear bombing runs to intimidate North Korea, China, and Russia.  Egotistical and bully Trump is intentionally stirring the pot, North Korea is like the new Sparta – a nation totally committed to war with us and we are kicking like a hive of bees.  This evil, narcissistic, consumeristic fattened golden calf or self absorbed Hebrew paradise called Amerika can not tolerate any nation who doesn’t knuckle under to the greater glory of Jewish supremacist rule.

Amerika is a nation painted into an empire corner – it has created enemies all over the planet because Jewish supremacists control the foreign policy ever since Woodrow Wilson signed the nation away with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  America is a has been, a nation that has foolishly allowed Jews to take control and invert all of it’s founding principles and now there is hell to pay.  Amerika is now in a terminal torah phase of destruction.

Just How Deep is the Hebrew Spell on World?

“There is a reason why Israel gets away with murder while no other nation could possibly commit atrocities and not be called on it, the Jews own the hearts and minds of much of the world.  Westerners particularly are under a deep hypnotic Bible spell, this includes many non-Christians (including atheists) and other peoples infected with the different layers of Bible memes like exceptionalism.

Just how deep is this spell?  The spell is so deep that no one doubts that we have the innate right to intervene in any nations affairs.  The United States sent troops and supplies into Syria, the United States funded and trained the terrorist organization ISIS, the United States killed hundreds of thousands of peoples and displace and wounded millions even though Syria is not a threat and there’s been no declaration of war.   America fragrantly violates other nations because Jews have convinced Americans of their superiority.”

Amerika has been caught as the sponsor of terror.  Amerika was exposed as the primary supporter of the head chopping ISIS terrorists, the Israel proxy army clearing out the Muslims for the Greater Israel project.  Amerika fucked Syria for Israel, Amerika destroyed Iraq for Israel. There is very bad karma that will result in the complete destruction of the American Babylon empire.

So make sure to make your arrangements now, say goodbye to your loved ones.  Forward deploy your survival gear and food before the pre-planned attack and take down of the Amerikan Babylon Empire.  Amerika is finished and now it is one big nuclear target because it threatens the world with it’s military empire.  Getting the hell out of Amerika is a good idea.

Note:  stealth camping is a reality for many Amerikans, Amerika is ruled by a legal code that forbids living outside which is really outside of municipal code.  As more and more people lose their homes they are forced to tent in a nation that forbids living in tents.


Why the Western World Has NO Morals


Brian Ruhe interviews internet essayist John Kaminski on why Americans lack morality.  John makes the potent observation that the entire west is without a shred of decency or morals.  The listener must wonder how the most God fearing nation of America is completely immoral yet believes itself to be the most moral.  How can the most modern Christian nation be the most terroristic nation but internally views itself as Godly and innocent?  How can the Bible believers be completely without morals or decency if they believe the Bible to be the words of God?  That is one of the greatest questions of our time.

The answer is so obvious that no one can see it.  Not a handful of the people since the A-braham have even been able to glimpse what is really going on because they live in a false construct of reality.  Like a fish unable to detect water, the Bible apologists can’t see the truth because they are immersed in a judgmental religion.  Everyone is making a grave mistake by assuming the assumptions of Jewish judgment being true.  But is god judgmental, or is the Bible judgmental Jewish propaganda used enslave people in low vibration?

What if the Bible concepts of sin, judgment, hell, devil, eternal punishment are not true but only mental constructs invented by the priestly class to control the population?  What happens to the culture that assumes their job is to get to heaven at any cost, that they must help God win the battle against Satan no matter what?  What becomes of a Judaized culture that decides to wage war on the entire world because they assume the Bible true?  Could it be we are headed toward total nuclear destruction because of our fundamental belief system?






The sad truth is that the west is being controlled by Talmudic Jews.  The reason is because of widespread belief in the Holy Bible.  The Western World exists in a Jewish simulacrum, where all morality has been inverted by the Holy Bible.  The Torah is the inverse of the Sanatan Dharma, so quite naturally those who follow the Jewish holy books are following a religion that has flipped Natural Law on its head.

I am an engineer and mathematician, I would like to write this in equation form.  Natural Laws are the Yogic discoveries of how to live in harmony the Universe, Abrahamic Laws are the inverse of proper loving behavior.  For instance, stoning a person to death for adultery is the exact opposite of the higher vibration of love and acceptance.  All of human evil is caused by judgment or ego consciousness.

The Torah = 1/(Natural Law)

The Talmud = (1/Natural Law)²

Σ(of all evil) = judgmental consciousness










In this fictional simulacrum of the Jew, Christians are taught that a certain German Nationalist, who dared to overturn Jewish rule of Germany in the 1930’s, as the most evil man who ever existed.  Is that true or was Hitler’s soul expressions a threat to Jewish power?  Why was Hitler’s priestess, Savitri Devi, convinced he was an Avatar, an incarnation of Vishnu?  Why was National Socialism the greatest threat to the Jewish takeover of the world?

Is Hitler painted by Jewish propagandists as the most evil man because he had them figured out as the most immoral race?  Was National Socialism the solution to the disastrous Jewish economies of Capitalism and Communism?  Are Jews trying to keep us from having prosperity and harmony because they want to own and rule the entire world for their own selfish ends?  Is the soulution to our current predicament is the freeing of our souls from Bible consciousness and prosecute Jews as histories greatest villains?

Are Jews the most immoral race of people that have conned the world with their holy book?  Is God really battling the devil?  Didn’t God create the devil, isn’t the devil meme being used the religious theorist to explain away evil in the world, when all things are attributes of god?  If God is everything and everywhere then why does it need anything?  Isn’t the Bible construct of God just a false perception of reality?

Most people do not understand that the Bible god and the anti-god Satan are both fictions in a Jewish tale enlisting the readers in their quest of world domination. The Bible readers are told God is all powerful but may lose the battle for earth unless they help.  The Bible instructs that God needs help, god needs witnesses, god needs money, god needs arms, and god needs ABM’s for the inbound missiles aimed at the holy chosen ones because of their aggressive policies.





Once you fully realize that the Bible is a gigantic hoax (just like the Federal Reserve) then you might question which God is the good god. The Bible god is not good because he demands killing. The Bible god is opposed to the life force of the Universe as described by the concepts of Sanatana Dharma. So it is true to say “Satan” is the adversary of Yahwey.  Yahweh is the God of Aggression that opposes Natural Law, the Sanatan Dharma.




Jews and Christians are behaving in accordance with their beliefs.  Jews and their Christians underlings commit immoral acts because both religions are immoral.  Genocide is the way of the Bible, those Christians who believe they are more moral than Jews are only fooling themselves, all Christians have been indoctrinated into thinking like a Jew.  Yahweh demands genocide for non-believers.

Yahweh demands that his people initiate the use of force.  Yahweh demands no other gods.  The intolerance of the Bible infects the minds of the population and results in the most horrific behavior imaginable.  The witch trials were just as bad as today’s wars where Jewish led terrorist groups behead whole villages in Syria.  Bible inspired evil continues unabated throughout the centuries yet no one suggests banning the book as causal.

All Christians believe in the supremacy of the state because all Christians believe god controls our governments and ordains our leaders.   But what happens when the nation is ruled by psychopaths?  America is the most terroristic nation because of its fundamental beliefs, Americans believe they have the god given right to initiate the use of force and that they must obey the authority which is a direct result of the god force.

The question as to why we are so immoral can now be answered, we are immoral because of our Jewish beliefs.  We believe in the Holy Bible, we believe that the stories of Jewish aggression are the ways of God, we believe we have the right to wage war.  The West is immoral because its fundamental beliefs have been formulated in the Jewish mind and the Jews are them most immoral race because they inverted and demonized the Sanatan Dharma.

Are Jews the Controllers of the Earth Simulation?


Many people are wondering if the earth is a simulation and why it was created.  Consider that Jews are running the simulation as a new hypothesis under the broader earth simulation hypothesis.  Imagine that you are in a Jewish soul simulation and all others who do not have the Jewish soul are the unwitting gamers that Jews get to kill.  If you are not Jewish then you are, unfortunately, a self aware meatbag in a bloodthirsty Jew simulation.

This Jewish soul simulation is heaven for Jews and hell for you.  Your only purpose is to serve them as fodder or as slave.  You have no recourse but to knuckle under to their control or commit suicide.  Since they want you to live so you can be abused by them, they use their holy book to condemn self termination.  The Jew wishes to control your life, everything you think, your very perception of reality, the money you use, the house you live in.  Everything including your life.

With this new hypothesis we can now rationally understand why things are the way they are.  Why is the world so corrupt?  Why are the Jews in control?  Why is it that Jews always win the wars?  There is a rational hypothesis for why Jews win – because they are running the simulation, they set the simulation parameters so that they rule and corrupt everything.

Religion also plays a major role in the simulation – religion keeps the Goyim avatars pacified and confused.  Christians believe that Christ will return some day and rescue them from earth treachery.  The Second Coming is an illusion created by the Jew to keep you pacified about your state of bondage to the Jew.  As the meek Christian worker slaves lay up treasure in heaven, the Jew stacks up gold in his bank account.

Jesus, the Jewish Straw Man Worshipped as God

“Jesus never returned to save America, he didn’t and couldn’t because he’s a Jewish created fiction. Americans are unable to deal with the current crisis because the primary myth keeps their minds in a state of suspension.  They are unable to think and grasp their predicament, they cling to their myth of a savior return, more convinced than ever as things get worse.”

Christ is a pacification myth of the Jewish controlled state.  Even though Christians are commanded not to murder they are sent to war after war and murder for Jews.  For instance millions of Americans were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to murder the millions of Muslims for the Greater Israel project.  The fact that Christians murder for Jews even though murder is prohibited by the Jew holy book seems to escape the believer’s dogmatic reality.

During the endless bloodletting, Christ never returns but the demon preachers bang the pulpit with Jewish Bibles demanding you believe that Christ is coming back any day now.  But he never does because he Jesus is simply a meme the Jew uses to control the Goyim mind.  Jesus is a fiction maintained by demon preachers to keep the Goy flock in line so that can be abused over and over until the end of time.





In this simulation the Jews are given the edge by the programming, Jews have the advantaged because they wrote the holy text that allows them to rule.  Without the Holy Bible, the Jews would be immediately exposed as frauds and killed without mercy.  But with the Bible the evil Jewish parasite is divinely worshipped as a chosen one of god.  The Bible is held dearly but it is really the enemy of the Goy.

Every week out of every year out of every decade out of every century and every millenia the Goy cattle are told over and over that Jesus will return.  The demon preachers work this mantra magic and it keeps the Goy in line as they hope for eternal salvation and deliverance from the earth hell.  But salvation is not achieved, when the body dies the soul is recycled back into a new body completing forgetting what happened in the previous lives.

New Hypothesis: Synthetic Souls Trapped in a Hell Matrix for All Eternity

“The bad joke is on us, we thought our job was to get to heaven to be with the Jew father god Yahweh, but what really happened was that our fear of eternal punishment became eternal punishment on earth.  We never made it to heaven in some phony afterlife, we only created hell in real time on planet earth.  We are stuck in an endless loop of torture and suffering until we change our thoughts on a collective level.


We got our theology completely wrong, we wasted generations of human lives praying to Jesus for redemption in countless churches strewn across the old and new world, we gave billions of dollars to church officials in redemptive schemes and none of it was ever true.  Our souls were never threatened with eternal punishment – in reality our souls are trapped in a hell matrix and afterlife is only an illusion of the trickster priests who created afterlife heavens in our minds so that we would put up with the miserable conditions on earth.”

What is really going on is that souls are trapped in a torture simulation and Jesus is a false myth pacifying the minds of Christian sheep trapped in the hell simulation.  The fact that no god ever comes to our rescue doesn’t seem to diminish the hopish beliefs of the spellbound Goy.  For thousands of years the Jesus delusion keeps the Goy in bondage to Jewish predation, and it has resulted in the most horrible torture and deaths imaginable.

Jesus never returned for the Apostles, Jesus didn’t return during the three centuries of witch trials, he didn’t float down during the two world wars.  The delusion is holding strong in the simulation right up the bitter end.  Jews are preparing to wipe out most of the earth’s population is a great nuclear holocaust.  They have achieved total dominance and they have a plan for you – your death.

Many people are depressed and realizing the hypocrisy of the believers

many are turning to drugs as the Bible spell wears off

others are contemplating this realm as a simulated reality

that they are expendable pieces of meat in a soul animation

that’s there no afterlife as imagined

and this world is completely unjust Jewish organized hellhole

where Jews torture Goyim souls for all eternity

Most people can not fathom the evil of this place, no one can admit that earth is a hell realm run by Jews and that our souls are trapped, that we are being tortured for all time, that there is nothing we can do because we are totally psychically pinned down by Jewish myth.

Russia in Syria: Doom for Greater Israel


People are wondering why Trump is invading Syria.  The answer is not hard to understand.  Trump is a Jew whore and he was put into power by Jews for Jews.  He appointed Jew swamp creatures, his daughter is married into a criminal Jew family.  Trump did not betray his base, Trump was a super Zionist all along, his campaign managers told his base exactly what they wanted to hear.  Now that he is in power, it looks as though he reversed his promises.  That is only an illusion create by the Jewish deep state.

This essay was originally published 30 Sep 2015 when Putin started his air campaign against the Jew proxy army ISIS.  At the time, the idea that ISIS was an Israeli front and clearing the way for Greater Israel was barely understood by the alternative media.  Now that Russia has nearly destroyed ISIS in Syria, the Jew is desperate to regain Syrian region for Greater Israel.  Trump was selected to fight Russia in Syria, to drive Russia from Syria, to topple the Assad government and put in a Jewish puppet government and genocide all non-Jews in the Greater Israel area.  Trump wasn’t flipped, he was a Jew whore all along.



ISIS IS ISRAEL, ISIS is Israel Secret Intelligence Service, it is a covert Mossad Army, a proxy army of Israel and it’s goal is to drive Muslims out of Greater Israel.  But now Russia has landed Syria and conducted the first airstrikes against the enemies of Assad.  This portends the END OF the drive for GREATER ISRAEL WHICH ENCOMPASSES MUCH OF SYRIA.


Embattled Syria will now quickly drive out the Jew proxy invaders.  As Syria is retaken (in as little as a matter of weeks) and ISIS pushed back into Iraq, they will be faced by Shias with Iran support to the east.  Iran will join up with Russia in Baghdad, and the entire northern Levant will now be off limits to Jew and his evil proxy army.  A giant military pincer like move is in the making.


The first Russian airstrikes on 30 Sep 2015 mark the beginning of the end of the Greater Jew Rothschild Pet State Project.  Israel is the plantation of Rothschild, it is how a Jew central banker owner created his own state right Middle East near the oil corridor.  Israel is the dog of Rothschild – it’s job is not so much as a nation for Jews as much as it is used for criminal purposes.


Ratchild doesn’t give a rat’s ass who gets killed in the upcoming Apocalypse.  If Jews were smart, they’d take him out and get rid of the Likud war party – but they won’t because in the heart of hearts of the Jew is a raping ape.  So liberal Jews can see what’s coming and they are moving to places like California.

Oil prices have collapsed again – just as we are going into the new depression.  The world has excess oil, new discoveries since the 1979 Iran Revolution in Canada and Venezuela have added so much more oil that the problem now is excess oil.  The center of the petroleum driven world has moved across the pond, potential Venezuela reserves dwarf Saudi Arabia – which is being pumped dry.


So this entire petro-dollar Neocon imperial driven agenda is an epic fail – oil production is not exclusively about the Middle East anymore and the markets will be moving away from oil.  With the success of Tesla motors, in a decade high performance and affordable electric cars could be commonplace greatly decreasing the need for oil.  Currently Tesla is building a 5 billion dollar Gigafactory near Sparks Nevada – lowering the cost of the lithium driven sedan even further.


These Middle East wars are not about seizing oil production as much as they are about limiting the excess capacity.  While the Bush Cabal and Neocons have made havoc with their wars – Iran and Iraq oil production has never recovered from US intervention.   That was the idea – blow up nation states that are pumping oil so that you can sell your oil at favorable prices.


The United States military empire could be doing good in the world, but no, shameful America does the bidding of the banks, defense contractors, big oil, and Israel.  The result has been catastrophic – so bad that Russia has landed on the western Levant.  Good.  Fuck Israel, fuck the Jews, fuck their Greater Israel plan of Wrathchild.

You may be wondering why it will only be a short while till ISIS is crushed in Syria while the United States had no effect – that is because the Zionist controlled USA was supporting ISIS and Israel.  It was a completely phony war, the goal is to clean out Muslims from the Middle East and establish the Jew only area called Greater Israel.


In the meantime, Satanyahu is making his moves for Greater Israel, it is Bibi Netanyahu behind the terror war and the refugee crisis, it is this one crazy man pushing the United States into war with Iran.  Netanyahu is the author of terror, he is the brains behind this middle east madness and proxy war.

Jew create chaos, the purpose of ISIS was to create chaos and allow the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from the area within Greater Israel.  There was no real goal of an Islamic State, it the Jewish State taking over under the cover of an Islamic state false flag.

Hard to believe, right?  Yeah, Jews have some big balls and they are doing exactly that.  Seven million  Syrian refugees have poured out looking for new homes – a manufactured crisis by the Jew and Israel.  Russia has every right to intervene as they are the recipient of the crazy militant Muslims.

PUTIN VOICE OF MORAL AUTHORITY - Do You Realize Now What You Have Done

The collapse of the Syrian takeover will now add fuel to the fire – this loss of United States hegemony will fuel the negative sentiment and help fuel the pessimism that is driving the stock market collapse.  Soon people will realize that Uncle Sam is an idiot and must go home.

The dream of Greater Israel and World Rule from Jerusalem just ended.  Putin is the new Caesar, all hail Putin, GLORY BE TO HIS NAME.

March 19, 2015 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Bust of Russian president Vladimir Putin dressed as a Roman Emperor at a workshop of the Academy of Arts. The idea of creating a sculpture was proposed by Cossack chieftain Andrei Polyakov of the Cossack Society, who plans to install a monument near Prospekt Mira Station. (Credit Image: © Konkov Sergei/TASS/ZUMA Wire)